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    Bartlesville, Oklahoma
    Let me begin this message from the start for the ones that don't know me or what I have gone thru. It started in April of 2005. I had trouble sleeping because of a discomfort in my shoulder, after going to a Orthopedic Doctor for a few months a MRI showed that I had a tumor in my shouoder region that was pushing against a nerve bank, also it had spread to my right lung. After going thru approximately 35 Radiation treatments and approximately 11 Chemo treatments, everything looked great, three months after this , they ran a test and they had found that the cancer had spread, the cancer turned out to be terminal, I even went to theLeading cancer center which is in Houston, same diagnoses. I will be continuing with treatments to slow the growth of the cancer tumors that sprang up. I have kept a positive attitude and my faith, but let me tell you what really concerned me, I had all these bills ( co payments from medical, some credit card bills from a previous wife ), I was worried about my Wife being left with this bills once my time ran out ( they give me approximately 12 months to possibly 24 ), I decided I needed to try to get things organized ( looking at selling two of our cars, and buying her a more economical one, selling the boat , and putting the lake cabin up for sale. My nephew went to the lake cabin this last weekend to check on it and to look into getting a real estate agent to list it . Well, the good lord must have been listening in on my worrys, my nephew while at the cabin talked to a man at a near by Marina, the man came over and looked at the cabin and dock . He made a offer of 15 thousand more than I told my nephew I was going to offer it for. The man is going to pay me 115 thousand for the property. I only paid 13,600 for it back in 1969. The man gave me a check of 12 thousand good faith money, and once I get all our personal belongings out ( next weekend ) he is going to pay the balance, this man never once asked what I was going to list it for. And his check cleared the bank ! So, miracles do happen, being able to sell the cabin without having to use a realator, selling it so quickly, and getting more than I was going to sell it for. The good Lord knew I had enough problems and with his help, my stress level has disappeared. When my time comes, my wife will not be left with bills, and she will have added money in the bank. I guess I am trying to say is, even thou we go thru some discouraging times, never give up faith. I plan on going to the Keystone Gathering in June, I hope to meet all of you that attend.
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    Quincy Illinois
    That is a great story, glad it turned out better for you. Prayers will be coming to ya from Quincy IL.

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    Good for you! When you keep your head held high things just can't keep you down. A prayer will be sent out for you and your family asking for continued strength that you shown to us here. Peace, brother!
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    brother Bob: That Was A Heart Rendering Story ,just Goes To Show That You Never Want To Give Up.keep On Believeing That Good Things Will Happen. You Have Gotten Over One Hurdle .we Don't Want To Hear The Talk Of When Your Time Is Up Remember One Miricale Has Allready Happened ,who Knows Maybe A Greater One Will Happen And You Will Beat This Thing. I'll Be Praying For You And I Know Others Will Be To Soon As They Read Your Post. So Hang In There Buddy You;ve Got A Lot Of Fish To Catch Yet. God Be With You And Yours. Now Go Beat This Thing!!
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    God Bless you and yours, Bob! Spend more time fishing!
    I have a friend in Canada, who told me an old saying was, "for every hour you spend fishing, God tacks that amount on at the end."

    He has emphysema and lung cancer. His wife is such a joy to him and he to her. I can hear it in their voices when they call me.

    Not hearing your voice, but I sense you and yours are a joy to each other, too. Keep a positive atitude and Faith!

    Take care and prayers headed out from TN.
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    GC, OHIO
    Prayers continueing to be sent for ya brother. Glad ya sold the property and things are going good right now.
  7. gargoil77

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    Clarksville, Indiana
    God bless you Bob. Prayers out to you and your family. I'm sure all the BOC brothers are praying for you.
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    Wilmington, NC
    My prayers are with you Bob, I'm really glad you got such a good deal on selling the property.

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    Mannford. Oklah
    We'll be looking for you at Keystone.
    As I've said a number of times in a number of places:
    "Our GOD is an AWESOME GOD!!"
    Glad to hear he's still answering prayers, even the ones we don't think we're praying.
  10. ridgerunner

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    God is deffinetly great, sounds like he is taking care of your wife but just wants you to come home.
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    Columbus Mississippi
    Prayers from mississippi bro.
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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Bob, I look forward to meeting you at Keystone
    God is such an awesome God and can give us peace in ways we would never dream of.
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    I will definately be praying for you and I am thrilled that you are able to sell your property without paying anyone any commission or anything like that!