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Has anyone heard the story of Eddie Ryan?
I was listening to Mark Levine the other night talk about Eddie Ryan.
The studio called Eddie's father for an update him since they haven't heard from them in a while.
Eddie's father came on the line and spoke for awhile.
Eddie came on and spoke.
And Eddie's mother came on and spoke.

Now you might think whats so great about that?
Eddie is a Sgt. in the Marine Corp and a scout sniper.
A couple of years ago he was on the roof of a house in western Iraq getting ready to bust some bad guys along with another sniper.
Eddie got busy taking distance readings to various houses , doorways, etc when he was shot twice in the head by a 30 caliber. It was friendly fire.
One bullet went through his jaw, the other entered his skull about the eyebrow.

Eddie was stabilized and flown to Germany where his parents were sent for to essentially see him alive one last time.
He didnt die. The surgeon told his parents they would carry home a vgetable that would never recognize them.
At Bethesda Naval Hospital his parents were told he would be on a ventilator the rest of his life.
5 days later he was out breathing the ventilator and it was removed.

To top that Eddie said, Hi mom and I love you too dad.
Today Eddie is doing 75-100 situps daily and 200 a day on weekends.
He is even getting out on the back porch for a little shooting activities.
His memories from his whole life are completely intact.
He has full use of his left arm and limited use of the right arm.
He is learning to walk again.

Its an amazing story.
Eddie is a hunter and fisherman living in the Catskills of New York.
Maybe Eddie will stop by the BOC. The other night I invited him to do so.

Maybe some others could as well. Lets hear it from the BOC leathernecks especially.
The BOC might prove to be some good medicine for Eddie.

What really hit home was the tatoo on Eddie's arm his parents didnt know he had until they saw him in Germany.
It was an American flag with the words under it.
"Land of the Free, Because of the Brave"

Something alot of us take for granted all too often including myself.
It gets lost and forgotten in our daily lives so easily.

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this is the first i have heard of it, but i will say i am not surprised. being a Marine myself, alot of the time we like to think we are tougher than the average human person. one of the reasons is because of the training and physical aspects of that training. and because you cant do anything without enough heart to see you through. Quiting for us is not an option. you either do it, or you keep trying until you can accomplish whatever it is you are trying to do. Take the story of Marine Corps First Sgt Brad Kasal. this gentelman was in Iraq and was out with a patrol when they came upon Iraqi insurrgents and what hapens next is like out of a movie. The patrol saw a wounded Marine come out of a building and state that there were 3 more Marines inside that were also wounded along with insurrgents. the patrol then went in after the Marines. Long story short, 1stSgt Kasal was shot seven times, took shrapnel from a hand grenade (which he got from covering one of his Marines with his body when the grenade was thrown into the room) and contined to fire until he was carried out of the area by other Marines. When the Marines carried out 1stSgt Kasal still held his service pistol and told the Marines he didnt want to leave until all of his Marines were out of the area.,15240,96235,00.html

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Mark I heard that and had the same idea hope all the Boc will let him know we are grateful for all he has done and I for one know he will go back to his unit one day as they said his plans are
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