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Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by countrycat15, Feb 21, 2006.

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    hay everybody i am going to get about 2 doven minnows tomarrow and put them in a tank with a pump and possibly try to get them to breed so i want have to make so many trips to the baitshop.i was wondering how and can i keep them alive long enouf for them to breed using a fishtank and pump setup. any tip and advice u can give will help me out alot thanks.
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    My daughter caught several minnows from the lake and kept them in her aquarium. They didnt breed but they sure lived a long time. If I recall correctly they lived for about two or three years before passing on to that great lake in the sky. It would probably be cheaper in the long run just to buy them rather then raise them unless you plan on doing it large scale.

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    I kept a dozen bass minnows alive for 2 years a while back in a 10 gal. tank. Had lots of problems with water clarity. The rule of thumb is : 1 inch of fish per gallon of water. This takes into consideration an average home tank with minimum filtration and aeration. Ammonium is a killer for fish as well as chlorine and chloramines which are in our drinking water. The water MUST be treated. There is a lot to take into consideration when raising fish. Check out the BOC library. I'm quite sure there are a few articles that will help you.
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    I have a 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank in my basement with a simple dual outlet aquarium pump. I keep 10-12 dozen minnows and chubs in there at any given time. I've never had them breed, but I feed them goldfish crumbles from wallyworld and change about 1/3 of the water every 3-4 weeks and have had only 3 or 4 minnows die over the last year. I kept them all winter and they have all doubled in size since early December. Just right for catfish bait now.
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    Hey Countrycat - Have you ever tried trapping your own minnows rather than buying them? We trap our own minnows from a number of small roadside ponds. You would be surprised how many ponds, lakes or small creeks have minnows in them that you can easily trap. Buy yourself a minnow trap off of Catfish connection or from any sporting goods store or Walmart. Throw a handful of dog food in the trap and set it in the nearest body of water - you may be surprised with your catch.
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    Just wondering if anyone has used a galvanized stock tank to keep
    minnows or chubs. I read here someone had used one that leaked and
    used a plastic liner. The one that I have is newer and doesn't leak...just
    wondering if galavanize would harm the fish...kind of dumb question...
    it doesn't harm cattle. Also should I put stones in the bottom? Anyone kept crawfish and bait fish in the same tank? Thanks Paul
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    I had a buddy that bought some crawdads and very large ghost shrimp, from the petstore, for his 100gal. aquarium. Needless to say his small fish population dropped pretty fast. The crawdads got taken out and boiled, and the ghost shrimp got their big pinchers cut off.

    So I guess if you keep smaller crawdads it might work.
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    I use to fish for Bass & Carppie alot, so I would buy alot of Minnows on a fishing trip. One fishing trip I had some Minnows left over and I took them home to put in my Aquarium, just to see how long I can keep them alive. I put about 10 of them in the tank, "that was in 2002" - they didn't breed, but "it is now 2006" and I still have 5 of those Minnows from that trip. They have became household pets now. So they will live for a long time if you take care of them. :)

    Take It Easy,
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    i always sein for my minnows and put them in bait tanks, i grow them so i can have different sizes. And i think minnows are the best bait for crappie i havent found anything better