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    SE Iowa
    I need to find a better way to trap minnows.
    I have a nice creek running behind our house.
    Any fish that swims the river is in this creek.
    It runs around 30 miles before it dumps into the river. In all except very dry years there is water in it all year around. A few springs run into it above here and one of the city water works ( I think its storm sewers) dumps in 4 miles down stream.
    Now I generally just throw the trap in off a couple of local bridges and may catch a dozen or so at a time for a short time.
    I need more than that and a continuous supply.
    The creek is too wide to seine it.
    Its all mud bottom around here.
    I'm thinking of dredging a couple of small holes for habitat and trapping there. Anyone have any luck with that?

    I'm open to suggestions
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    Bro you may find this a little hard to believe but it will work. I got it from an article by a guide from a reservation. back in the days before net's were prominent indians would take a branch from a tree a bushy one and set it in a branch or creek. they would leave it there for an hour or so and the minnows would seek shelter from bigger fish in the cover then the indians would return and quickly lift the branch to the bank and they would successfully harvest a fair number of minnows each time.

    There are lots more ways than you'd think to skin a cat. just my honest opinion

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    greg that seems like a pain in the behind lol!! its really sounds for your area you are doing the best you can do for now...i would try finding one of the smaller springs that run into the bigger creek/river walk the spring or smaller creek and target the holes you see.. you will be very suprised at how the smallest creek can hold bait in it,,, guys i fish with have showed me creeks and im like no way is there big suckers and chubs in here.. throw in the trap and 20 min later a few dzn are in the cage..try and put bread in a onion bag and tie it to the top of you cage so the bag hangs down it will make the bait come in the cage instead of eating crumbs around the cage.