Minn Kota Powerdrive Trolling Motor with Copilot

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    I recently (last Wednesday) purchased a new trolling motor, a Minn Kota Powerdrive, 48 inch shaft, with 50 lb thrust. And, I also bought the Copilot wireless remote steering system to go with it.

    I got it installed the same day I bought it. But, I needed some additional wire to reach the battery. Thus, complete installation was not finished until late Sunday evening. Since, I was also installing another item on the boat (a new depth finder, a Lowrance LMS 337C DF) and I needed additional wire for it as well.

    Anyway, finished up both installations just before dark on Sunday evening. And, finally got to go fishing yesterday afternoon to try out my new toys.

    I will just report on the trolling motor since that is what I started this thread for.

    So here goes:

    1. Installation: All things considered, installation is very easy. Just have to drill a few holes and mount the thing. But, depending upon your boat and its bow construction, you may have some difficulty. And, as a result, may not get to mount it exactly where you would like it to be (that was what happened to me). Since, you have to make certain that you can access the mounting bolts so you can place the nuts and washer on them. And, in my case, that was a somewhat difficult task. Plus, I had to contend with the bow light socket being in the way, which prevented me from being able to mount the trolling motor centered with the center line of the boat. But, then again, they tell you to mount it as close to the center line of the boat as possible. So, I got it as close as I could without having to remove the bow light socket.

    My main gripe was having to go and buy additional wire to reach the battery

    2. Installation of the Copilot system: simple as could be. Replace one of the existing sideplates on the bow mount with the Copilot sideplate (that has the electronics for the remote system). Plug it in according to the instructions and you are in business.

    3. Performance: I must say that I was impressed, it is the best I have ever had. I have had three trolling motors. Two of which were foot controlled (via cables I guess) that were so hard to operate with your foot and took bunches of pressure to get them to go left or right. And, you took up so much of your fishing time fighting the stupid things when you were faced with big wakes from other boats etc. And, were focusing more on keeping the boat in some sort of control than you were on fishing.

    Now, I must say that I did not fool around to much with the foot control on this trolling motor yesterday. But, I can say that it is a world apart from the cable type and worked so much better.

    I mainly used the remote, strapped to my wrist. And, from anywhere in the boat I could just punch the left or right button or the speed buttons to do whatever I wanted to do with the trolling motor. It was great being able to sit under the Bimini top, behind the steering wheel, when the hot sun was out and be able to control the boat while I was drifting or slow trolling.

    I would also add that this motor will really, slowly, crawl along with its variable speed (at its lowest setting). A big advantage over the motors I have had in the past that only had 3 or 5 speed settings.

    4. Recommendation: Would I recommend this trolling motor? Most assuredly. Even though I have only used it one day. It has a composite shaft that has a lifetime warranty, is just one of the reasons. But, the addition of the Copilot is what really makes this trolling motor. But, of course, some other manufacturers have a similiar product.

    In closing, if you have a Minn Kota powerdrive motor made after 1991, the Copilot is available for an addition to it. If you can spare the $150 for it, it is well worth it.

    One final note, "I thought that all the Minn Kota powerdrives came equipped with the "autopilot" and "universal sonar" . But, I was mistaken. Anyway, after having used the Copilot system, I wish I had paid the extra 300 bucks or so to have gotten the motor with the "Autopilot". Since, I found out yesterday how beneficial it would have been to have had a motor that would electronically track the course I had set it to. And, therefore, I would not have to keep pushing the left and right buttons on the remote.

    Anyway, if you have the bucks, spend them. It will save you a lot of time and hassle while out on the water

    I am attaching a couple of pix of my new trolling motor mounted on the boat. But, not in the operating position.

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    Hey Mike, good write up. I luv mine too. You said you didn't use the foot pedal much, I chuckled a little when I read that. The wrist band remote is so nice I don't even hood up my foot control anymore. I just have it poked back in dry storage in case I loose the remote. I'm glad you like it and you are also right about the autopilot, it don't get no better than that.


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    Thanks for the writeup. My next boat (or this one, if I keep it till next spring) will have the Minn-Kota with AutoPilot on it - I'm done fighting the trolling motor when all I want to do is go "thataway" in a straight line..
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    i just got done re-installing mine on my boat tonight.last saturday i think i did the impossible.i managed to snap the shaft right in half.it is an 80# with a 54in. shaft.it was less than 3 mos. old and i had no problems returning it for a brand new one at cabelas in kansas city.they said it was the first one like that they had ever seen and they said they have seen 900#s of men standing on a shaft.i hit an ol concrete bridge pilon on milford lake in ks.where the water is down about 3 feet.i was also using the remote at the back of the boat while the 2 guys i was with threw for shad in the front.i had the speed up to 8 or 9 when the boat came to a complete dead stop and i saw the shaft bow backward andthen SNAP!!!i didnt even wanna look up there.none of us could believe it.i was devistated.needless to say the beer i had brought that day for us in the afternoon started getting drank about 7:30 that morning.it turned out to be a good day though,cleaned 21 nice channel and blues and just tried not to look to the front of the boat all day:smile2: