Mini tackle box for your boat.

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    Plano has come out with a small (7.25x5x4.5") tackle box for bass fishermen to stow their spinnerbaits in and it is called a 'StowAway'. It is perfect for the drift fisherperson. It is divided into three section, and catfisherpersons can use one section for their hooks, nail clippers and swivels, one for their corks and one for your slinky weighs. Also, if you anchor to fish, you can store your hooks and swivels in one side, your weighs in another and your shock leader material and nail clippers in the remaining one. The dividers are permanent, which means that the sides will not give like the slide in type dividers. Due to it's size, it does not take up a lot of space.

    It is ideal for those that fish from a boat, because you already have your pliers or other gear already stowed on your boat. By the way, the price is right, somewhere around five dollars at WallyWorld.

    I have attached some photo's for illustration purposes.
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    Mac thanks!!! Never thought of that but i TELL YOU i'm getting one today!! Man I love you guys. 2 heads are better than one and this is the reason. I would have never thought to use that.:big_smile::smile2:

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    Thanks Mac,

    I will be grtting two tomarrow what a great idel:big_smile:
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    The fishing world has given me a piece of tackle to put to better use. Everyone has something that works best for them, and this is what works well for me.

    I use the "worm binders" that are sold at Bass Pro Shops and other major tackle stores. They are a closed biner that has heavy duty ziplock pages, and I store pretied drift rigs and bottom rigs in these pages.

    This allows me to sort the rigs by hook size, and it also has compartments for drift sinkers and bottom fishing sinkers. If I break a rig off all I have to do is pull out a new one and tie it on. No knots to tie, line to keep up with, or parts to lose or run out of.