Milwaukee River catfish?

Discussion in 'WISCONSIN RIVER TALK' started by photocat, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    Anybody ever fish here for cats? I have a friend who lives close to there and i'm coming up this summer hopefully to see her and would like to be able to take her out fishing and catch some cats or just fish in general... she knows some spots for Pike, walleye, bass, etc. but i want he to catch some catfish too.

    Anywhere somewhat close to Fredonia would work fine
  2. F150Catfish

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    I never have fishing on Milwaukee river. Theres great spots in Racine County, I grew up in Waterford near Burlington. You can see Fox River area in Racine County, go to Waterford and find the park area like baseball place or near Library by dam... My friend and I fishing there often near my old home and alway catch many channel catfish... my biggest channel was 30" 9 pound caught at Fox River. theres some flathead swimming in fox river... I have been caught some flathead there too.. well if you go to Tichigan Lake, theres channel and flathead too... well any question, I can answer for you.

  3. tfabry

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    Fremont, Wisconsin
    Hey Photocat -

    I live on the Wolf River in Fremont WI (White Bass Capital of the World) which is 90 miles NW of Fredonia. Boats will be in the water as soon as the ice goes out. Get a hold of me if you want.