Millions of shad Gyandotte River 6-30-07

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    West Virginia
    6/30/07- 7/1/07
    Float fished the Gyandotte R. from Barboursville to the Ohio at Gyandotte. Fishing was incredibly slow as was the river, low and slow. Caught a couple of small channels, a sauger and a small drum. Stripers and others were nowhere to be found.

    But from one end to the other the river seemed packed with small young shad (threadfin?) I am talking crappie minnow and smaller size. One school working up the bank took 20 min to pass us.

    I have never seen such a thing. Spect there will be some fat fish come fall.
  2. flat toad

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    that water id full of hang ups and hiding holes. when the shad are that small put as many as you can on a hook and leave it hang around a big log jam. works great on Kanawha from windfield locks all the way to the old rairoad bridge in Point Pleasant especially of you hit the sand bars and feeder creeks.

    my favorite water