Military/ Ex Military in South Dakota

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    Something I found on website

    The state of South Dakota is paying a veteran's bonus of up to $500 to certain military personnel who were legal residents of the state for no less than six months immediately preceding entry into the Armed Forces, who are currently on active duty or were honorably discharged from the Armed Forces, and who served on active duty during one, or both of the following periods. For service between the dates of Jan. 1, 1993 through Sept. 10, 2001 payment will be made only to those who served overseas and were awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary medal, Southwest Asia Service medal, Kosovo campaign medal or any other United States campaign or service medal awarded for participation in combat operations against hostile forces. All active duty between the dates of Sept. 11, 2001 through a date to be determined, qualifies for a bonus payment. Application forms may be obtained by writing to: SD Veterans Bonus, 500 E. Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501 or by calling (605) 773-7251. If you have E-mail access you can request a form by writing to Be sure to include your name, street or PO Box number, city, state and zip code.