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Milford Lake

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Went out today, DEEP, only caught six, 2 Blues and 4 Channels, biggest was only 5.5lbs, the Channel. Caught my first one in 64feet and the last in 57feet. I was hoping for some bigger Blues, the marks were there, they just weren't hungry I reckon. Smallest was a 2.1lb Bluecat, in 60 foot of water, don't know what that little guy was doing down there.
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Jim at least your still catching some unlike most of us.
Loop: Darrel, yeah, it's better than nothing, but nothing like it should be by this time of the year. I've only caught one 20lb + so far this year, by now, I should have at least a dozen! Sounds like the River Rats are doing pretty good!
Jim as much as you go out the odds are in your favor just keep it up you will find more.
FINALLY found some Cats last night. The one in the pic is one my fishing partner caught, first of the night, it's a 21.8lb Bluecat, 36.5X19.5. We had another right up by the Toon in the spotlight, looked MUCH bigger than this one, just as it was about to be netted, it rolled and and got loose. We also caught 5, 5+lb Blues and Channels and a few smaller ones in the 2+ to 3+ lb range. This was the best trip all year. We went out at 7:30 and fished till 3 AM, when they finally quit biting, we plan on doing it again Friday evening. After we measured and weighed her, I tagged and released her. Hopefully I'll meet up with her again when she's over 30!


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Thats good to hear that your getting into the cats now! Congrats! I hope you catch a biggun.
Thanks, I'm sure hoping so. I might've caught this one if I didn't take my friend with me, LOL! I'm glad I took him though, he said this is the biggest fish he's ever caught. He used to go whitebass fishing all the time, finally got him to go Catfishing, he's been going with me ever since. Kinda good for me too, the Frau doesn't care much for me going out alone at night, lol.
Have you been catching anymore cats? I'd imagine with the cooler temps the blues outta really be turning on soon. I'm hopefully to get into some blues on the Missouri soon.
Geoff, OH YEAH, since the lake cooled, it's down to 75 during the day now, my fishing pard and me have been doing great. We hooked two more good sized Blues at least 15 or better based on spotlight vision. Both spun off on top, but we did get a good look at them. Also quite a few 5 to 9 lb Blues and Channels are making INTO the Toon. We've been going out just before dark and drifting from the dam into the lake, we start in about 40ft and go to 62ft or so, catching fish at all depths. He can't go with me till 5:30 PM, he's trapped babysitting his two grandkids all week. So I'll go myself during the day and have been doing just as good. Bait's mainly been Goldeye, live shad and Shrimp. I'm starting to believe in Calvins theory about the moon. We were doing real good at night till about 4 days ago when the moon started filling out. The fuller it got, the less fish we caught, when we fished the dark of the moon we caught fish till we left.
How you been doing on the river? Still getting those bigguns? Good luck.
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Well, went out today again, actually late this afternoon. Caught another nice Bluecat, 21.3lbs, plus 5 Blues and Channels 4 to 6 lbs :thumbsup:. I'm just hoping they're starting to start a trend. Lately, the fish we've been catching have been getting bigger. This one was tagged and released. We also had some entertainment, couple of windsurfers showing their stuff in front of us, we were the only audience on the lake :rolleyes: They were really good though, waves were pretty steep, wind was gusting to 30mph. Prefer these guys to PIC's (Personal Idiot Craft) anyday. Only seen two other boats on the lake, so it was a perfect day.


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That's a nice looking blue there Jim. Congrats on a great catch! Looks like the fall bite starting to pick up.
Great looking blue Jim. Congratulations. I'm looking forward to getting up to Milford in a few days. I hope the weather will start cooling off a little.
Chris, Thanks, yep, we're starting to catch a lot more fish. We caught 4 over 20 in a two week period. Two confirmed (boated) two that we got up to the boat that got loose, but sure looked as big as the two that got away. Everythings been deep, 50' or deeper. How's your fishing going, good to I hope.
Calvin, thanks. How'd you do on your hunting trip? The fishing sure has picked up in the last couple of weeks. This coming week, I won't be available to much, I have to take Lydia to Topeka Monday, and I'll be getting a couple of teeth yanked Wednesday. I'll be ready to go the rest of the week though. Are you planning on camping for a couple of days or just coming for the day? If you're planning on just for the day, why don't you think about Thursday or Friday? Let me know your plans.
Jim, The fishing has been OK but nothing very big lately. I had a terrible accident on Thurday. I came home from being out of town for a couple of days and notice my deep freeze door was left open. :eek: The smell alone from the shad and cut spoonbill was terrible. Then about 20 pounds of catfish fillets all wasted along with other food. I told the wife I'll fish as long as it takes to fill the freezer again. ;)
Jim, Congrats on the nice blue cat!
Jim, I'll have to come up on a weekend because I can't get off work during the week. I'll be going back to work tomorrow and will have to check on what's been going on while I've been gone. I am on call for a week but can't remember when it is for sure. I'll drop you a line tomorrow evening. Good luck in Topeka and with yoiur choppers.
Chris, WOW, sorry to hear about your misfortune. That's really terrible, not so much the bait (ceptin' for the smell) but the eating fish is another story. Well, look on the bright side, the wife will know you're out there fishing as much as possible to keep the family larder stocked :rolleyes:. Hopin' you have some really good catches.
Gary, thanks. Seems like it's getting better every time we go out. Even though we didn't land them all, that's 5 that were over 20 (3 pretty fair guestimates) in two weeks. Put new hooks on all poles, :) .
Calvin, yeah, these trips to Topeka are really putting a heavy drain on my time on the lake :rolleyes: , but they're really necessary. After this trip, it may be chopper instead of choppers :crying: . The only good thing is, I don't need teeth to drink beer :D . If you can, let me know a couple of days ahead of time before you plan on coming up, I want to make sure I'll be here. But weekends should pose no problems, as we wouldn't be going anywhere, USUALLY! I'm hoping you're planning on spending the night, you'll be welcome here! Let me know when you're ready.
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