MIL Report 7.20.09

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    I fished MIL today from the landing north to the Hwy 73 bridge. The water was clear and around 82-84 degrees. I fished from 7:00am-1:00pm and there was no current all day.

    The bite was slow and scattered. Near the end of the day I started getting consistent bites in the river channel around 30-33 feet. There were also a lot of small white perch in this deeper water. Bait was bream and white perch with equal catches on each.

    The river bite was not there, nor was there a lot of bait marked. One of two fish were caught, but I covered a lot of water to get them. The creeks were slow too. More bait in the creeks, but only one fish was caught in three creeks fished.

    I ended the day with nine fish, mostly blues.