Mike's Limblines for Catfishing

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    Original post made by Michael Howard(Cuttingout69) on May 22, 2005

    There are many different ways to set limb lines, but yes they will work in log jams. How deep is the water? I make mine out of #60 tarred twine. The 50 that I have will be the last out of twisted twine tho. Braded line does not unravle like the twisted. I cut off a peace about 12' long and tie a knot 18" for one end. I then tie a knot on the end and then tie a slip knot back over the line and pull it donw to the first knot. This will make a loop on one end and you do not have to tie them off, just run them back through itself. On the other end, I tie a knot about 18" and put a 8oz egg sinker and tie another knot so they egg sinker is about 14" from the end. Then I tie on a 9/0 90SS eagle claw hook. I put the twine through the point side of the eye and tie the knot on the back. This will make the hook turn if a fish is rubbing on it and snag him. To attach it, you can set on limber limbs or tie off sloid. I have seen 20 penny nails put in trees and tie directly to them. I fish mine as close to the bottom as possible around log jams and where ever they fall in open water. There are two reason for the 8oz egg sinker. 1 it will not hang up as bad just by design and 2 the 1/2 if lead will on a 8" drop will keep the bait from being able to swim all over the place and hang you up in the long jam. I have dropped them in holes and through roots. Remember when you catch a fish, he has got come back out the way you put it in. I was shown how to make them and use them only two years ago by 2 buddies of mine from a long time back. They have pulled some good fish off them. The best I have ever taken off was 20 something # op. I hope this is what you are looking for and good luck.