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    Original posts made by Michael Howard(Cuttingout69) on May 9, 2005

    Hey guy's here is what I did today. I will have to send them on three post cause I don't know how to get them any smaller. Here is the first one tho. My tank has a welded fitting on it. So I screwed in a 3/4" male PVC fitting all the way through to the inside. I had enough to get 1 1/2 threads on the inside of the tank. I put a 3/4" threaded X 3/4 glue on female fitting on the inside with a short pcs of 3/4" PVC to a 90. The I came up and drilled holes all over the vertical pipe and made it long enough to stick out above the water and capped it anyway.


    Next I took a pcs of 1 1/2" PVC and drilled hole all over it. I knoched the bottom to go over my fitting on the bottom of the tank. Then I slipped it over the top of the 3/4" drain line. Note I have not glued any part of this as it should not need it. I am water tight on the tank fitting and if I need to remove to cleaning I can.


    Here is a better look at the 1 1/2" PVC. I put the water back in and got it flowing around 12:30, lunch break. I put bait in it at 6 this evening and have not had the first one go for a ride yet. I have run my hand up and down it and there is not enough suction to pull even the littlest one to it. I also put a sponge in the tank.

    By the way Michael I have been talking about mine all this time. I like what you did. If I would have seen you pics, that is what I would have done. A picture is worth a thousand word ha. I like what you have, it does not look like it will interfear with catching the bait. I have already found out that mine will some what. Let me hear from you tonight.