Midday Luck

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    Went Sun. after Turkey hunting, been there almost an hour and no hits. At
    the third spot Iwas about to call it a day, there was no current and i was dozing off. Suddenly my Middle pole starts striping drag and the tip was almost in the water. I grabed it and started winching it in, it was a nice fish!
    I let my two boys take a turn cranking it too.
    It was a 17lb. Blue it was a little after 1:00 pm caught him on cut bait/ bluegill
    Didn't have any hits on live bait. Did catch 5 more only small ones 2-3 lbs and they were few and far between that was in about 5 hours of fishing! I plan on going one night this weekend and hopefully do better in the afternoon and after dark.
    This was on the Hooch south of Columbus. Don't know if any other GA. viewers heard. Two boys Drowned Sat. afternoon 8 and 9 year old brothers.
    Not far from where I was fishing.