Mickey. mouse. boots.

Discussion in 'Fishing Clothing Review' started by brad kilpatrick, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    I was thinking about getting a pair of the ledgendary Mickey.Mouse.Boots. for winter fishing. I can hang for a long time as long as My hands and feet stay warm. So I need some all day long warm boots.

    does anyone have a pair?

    would these fair well for winter time fishing boots from a boat?

    Any better ideas out there?
  2. badkarma

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    Brad wool gloves and micky.mouse.boots=the only way to stay warm!! I have a pair "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E" boots because there're so big they ain't to good for walking but they'll keep your feet warm if you have the boots warm when you put them on because they ain't got a liner and are rubber inside and out so your feet will get cold before your body heat can warm them up but prewarmed they'll keep your feet warm wearing thin socks even on the coldest day.(and wool will keep your hands warm even when wet)

  3. SkiMax

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    Rising Sun, IN
    Mickey.Mouse.boots are amazing! Warmest things I have ever put on my feet. One suggestion-get a good pair of socks. If you have a snow skiing store around you go there. Smartwool are good but I have a pair of Helly Hanson Thermal Socks that are absolutely the best socks I have ever worn (i have tried alot of different ones because of my skiing addiction). The great thing about them is the pull moisture away from your feet, my feet cold sweat and get wet really easy. These socks will keep your feet dry-which is huge in keeping them warm. They run 15-20 bucks a pair but are worth it!
  4. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Don't know what kind of a boat you have but MMs would probably be slippery on a slick metal deck.Personally having carried them around for 24 years and actually hunting elk with them one year I feel their only useful application is ice fishing.Any of the modern boots or packs available are a better option.Unfortunately MMs have the ultimate advantage of being readily available and CHEAP.Take the advice on the socks.For those of you that have a problem with sweaty feet try rubbing them with a good deoderant like ARRID etc.SOmeone gave me that tip last year and I tried it during my annual week long ski trip to Colo.Works like a champ.Warmest driest trip I have had.Now I do it all the time.Sometimes I even put some under my arms but NOT when fishing.Don't know any self respecting trophy catfish that wants to be reeled in by some pampered ,sweet smelling,girly man.
  5. three_rivers

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    Three words......>Muck Woody Max's On the coldest of days them feet will still be toasty....
  6. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I was worried about how much traction I would have in My boat. Thanks for the heads up I don't want to go swimming!!!!

    Cost is no object, I'll spend whatever I need to keep My tootsies warm

    Thanks again guys keep the ideas coming.
  7. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey Brad, I finally bit the bullet and bought me some of those nice neoprene camo chest waders (Lacrosse $275) a few years ago to duck hunt in. I couldn't believe how warm they were. The boots have like 2000 grams of Thinsulate. I have sat in a blind with water up to my knees 25 degrees and sleeting and snowing for 5 hours and I was warm. I have thought about wearing them fishing when it's cold. I wish I could find a coat made out of the same stuff. I never had and mickey.mouse. boots but they can't be any warmer than these waders. Check out some Lacrosse pack boots.

  8. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    I use Neos Overshoes. The insulated ones add a lot of warmth, and they just slip on over your regular shoes so it’s pretty easy to add / remove a layer, and they have a soft rubber sole that gives good traction. I originally got them for snowshoeing trips to Colorado, and they were great for that. My feet will eventually get cold in them if I just sit there, though.

    For ultimate warmth I’d probably go with some of the Cabelas Pac boots rated at -150 degrees. The ratings don’t mean much, but they are good for comparison. For the record, I do not recommend fishing in them at -150 degrees:eek:oooh: You could probably find some at the local store and try ‘em on. They carry the Lacrosse brand that Greg mentioned, too.

    Mickey’s are legendary for their warmth, but I’ve heard of traction complaints, and they can be a bear to get on and off. People have actually injured themselves trying to put them on. I understand that some of them are lined with nylon and come on and off a bit easier.
  9. FS Driver

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    i bought a pair of M M boots off ebay new for around 24.00 plus 10.00 shipping they are very warm but the directions sent with them say you need to move your feet around or they will get cold . and i expierianced that while working in unheated houses in the middle of winter .
    if im standing in front of a electric panel or in front of sawhorses doing
    something that doesnt require me to be moveing very much i can tell that
    my feet would get cool not cold though. but if your moveing around they are great.
    they are a big pain in the butt if you are wearing them in a small vehicle
    with a standard transmission:crazy: as they are cumbersome.

    i bought another pair of BAFFIN brand ski type boots that are very warm and not near as bulky . same deal on ebay these are 150.00 boots new
    i got them shipping and all for around 20.00
    im gonna send you a pm on a place that has some great winter boots
    maybe you can copy/paste the type and look for them on ebay if you want to save a little jack.
  10. Whistler

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    Just go buy some toasti-toes. Give them a try one time and you won't ever be without them when it's cold. I can't stand anyting in my shoes normally, but I can't even tell they're there. Find them in Wally World's hunting department. I just wear a cheap(65 bucks) pair of waterproof hunting boots and my feet don't get cold anymore. Even in a treestand on the coldest days. Same with the boat too. I think they cost $1.98 for 2 pair.
  11. buzzgator

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    South Carolina
    I hunt and Ice fish in one of the coldest states in the Union or at least it seems so I wear Lacrose Ice Kings they cant be beat for the price little over $100. Never had cold feet with them on...