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I was driving by a local Michigan lake & there were people out snagging & spearing for shad. It was on the edge of the lake where a warmer water discharge had melted the ice. I didn't even know that there even were shad in Michigan.

The guy who snagging there said the DNR had released the shad there for forage for the catfish and pike that they had also released there. He said they were spawning already & that they were getting way over populated so that the DNR was "looking the other way" about the snagging & spearing. I don't doubt that they are overpopulated because there were hundreds of dead shad laying around the shore & in the water & hardly any of them were less than about 12" long.

What kind of shad were they? I've never even heard of shad this far north.

He also said that people were using cast nets to get the shad. Michigan DNR regs say that cast nets can't be used in any "inland waters"...basically they can't be used anywhere but on the Great Lakes. Since shad aren't native, can cast nets be legally used on them in inland Michigan waters?
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