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    I wanted to start a thread that was sort of a catch all that dealt with some of the things that you experience on your various outings in your local area and abroad. Whether it be the actual fishing, environment, or some of the people that you happen to meet share it here.

    Let me start off by saying that I had a looooong weekend of local fishing. LOL. I was trying my best to make up for the one night that I missed with the guys. I didn't quite do that, but I had some interesting experiences nevertheless. The local water that I do my fishing on is mainly the Huron River impoundment, otherwise known as Belleville Lake. Belleville is not producing the channel cats this year (at least for me) as it has in the last couple of years. To date, I have not caught one catfish out of a lake that is known for catfish. It is certainly a humbling experience, and a head scratcher at the same time. I have thrown everything in the water that no self respecting channel cat could turn down, and the dice is coming up snake eyes every trip. I've been fishing about a dozen times there this year, so it's a mystery that I have failed to solve. I didn't solve it this past weekend either.:0a13:

    I did have a chance to meet the "Man" again, figuratively speaking. Sandy's Marina on the lake post Kodak pictures of daily catches(didn't know floks still did that LOL), so guess who got their mug shot on the board? Yeah, he went fishing on the 4th and caught a nice channel in the middle of the day. He definitely has the mojo cooking...

    Saturday I went to Monroe to fish the Raisin River, another known channel catfish haunt. The river there was very swift, as heavy storms had passed through the area the week prior. I got a chance to cruise around Monroe for a bit to scout out some potential spots, and was really surprised at how much public access they have on that river. There are quite a few really nice parks located on the river that are really CLEAN, in contrast to what I experience on Belleville Lake and surrounding areas. The people in Monroe are generally very friendly as I had a few people come up to me to chat about fishing in general. The place is definitely growing on me, and is certainly a viable option for catfishing in this area both day and night. In contrast, the people on Belleville are alot more guarded with other fishermen, unless you make the first move, which I often do.

    Speaking of Belleville, I am definitely getting tired of seeing the amount of nightcrawler containers, shrimp bags, corn cans, fishing line, and anything else you can think of thrown all over the shoreline.:choler: What is it in people to make them just destroy the environment like that?!?! I took my daughter and son there yesterday with trash bag in hand, so we could at least police up the area where I intended to fish. My daughter thought I was a little nutty picking up everybody else's trash. She said, "Dad why are we picking up trash, it's not Earth Day is it?" I told her that "Earth Day" is everyday, not just one day set aside to keep the environment clean. She didn't relish picking up the trash because in her words it was "disgusting." She was right, it was and is disgusting, so hopefully a valuable lesson was gained from that experience. On the other hand, one of the people that was nearby witnessing our sanitation act didn't seem get the message, because the #@!&%$* left an empty liquor bottle on the river bank.:angry: :angry: :angry: Sometimes I wish that they would just post signs there that state, "Because of your general laziness, listlessness, and lackluster approach toward maintaining our valuable resource this land is off limits indefinitely." It would hamper my fishing(although it would force my hand into getting a boat), but it is some tough measures that need to be instituted for the oxygen thiefs to get the message.

    On a more positive note, I got a chance to see my first Tiger Muskie in the wild. Some guy got lucky and caught the fish while he was reeling in a hooked bluegill. Is that how it's done? ROTFLOL. It was truly a beautiful fish, but the sad part for me was knowing that the fish was going to meet it's demise in a skillet full of grease. I know you can eat Tiger muskie, but something in me just felt like that trophy should have been released.

    How do you fish in a boat and crowd out a bank fisherman's spot, especially if the bank guy was there first? I had this knucklehead anchor down no more than 10 or 15 feet from my tightline. He was so close that I decided to reel that line in, and just float fish for bluegill and such. I couldn't even throw out my other rig because his boat was in the way! He was practically on the bank beside me. I had a mind hit him with some heavy verbage - if not one of my three ounce no rolls - but I declined because he had a kid in tow. No sense in lowering my standards to meet his, so both of us set a bad example for the child. I just let it roll off...

    Hey, if you want a baitcatcher I'm your man! I got into a bed of something on Saturday (still don't know what these fish are, but I will figure it out today LOL) and was catching them left and right. Somebody was telling me they were rock bass, but the markings were off dramatically for that species. The mouth was basslike though, but I think it was a hybrid of some sort. Looked more like a green sunfish mixed with a touch of bluegill. LOL. Whatever it was, they were spawning something fierce as a few of them had that "acne" thing going on. LOL. Soon as those leaf worms were hitting the water they were disappearing. Where are the channel cats that hit like that? LOL.

    I'm going to close this post out with another "There's flatheads on this side of the state, the DNR don't know diddly squat" assertions. The disclosed location this time is Point Mouilette, which is part of Lake Erie. However, my source informed me that I shouldn't be caught fishing with bluegills, because he saw a guy get all his material possessions stripped away for fishing with them. ROTFLMAO! Some source, huh?:005: Oh well, back to the drawing board I go...:0a1:

    Take care,
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    From the way you describe, it sounds like you caught a mess of warmouth! Theyre a hybrid between a sunfish and a bass- stockier body than a gill, big mouth for its size, and lil teeth that you can see.
    I had one of them on a hook on Friday night on the grand... waiting for mr flathead. instead I got Pepe' LePew.

    Tiger muskie are pretty fish- almost irridescent when theyre fresh out of the water. And no, they dont taste so good. Theyre better left as a game fish and released.

    I applaud you for keeping michigan beautiful and sharing the value with your kids. Some days I have a hard enough time keeping my boat clean after my buddies have been in it- your note gives inspiration for those days. I do try and pick up the stuff I can identify and take in my trash bags. I keep a few walmart bags in my boat and my tackle box for just that scenario... and it is hard to take the bullet for bozos out there, but it is necessary if your kids and my future kids will ever fish together in a clean world.

    Great thread. Ill probably use this one for sure.


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    Great Post!!! I too carry a box of trash bags in the boat and usually throw the walmart bag in the truck when I headed for some bank fishing.. Liver tubs and old fishing line chaps my butt more than anything.. The damn line gets around everything!!! Whats worse, at a river I hit sometimes, there is a trash barrel no more than 100 feet away.....Guess its too much to ask the Lazy @#$@#$#@$ to walk away from the bank and put it in there.....
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    Now I feel like I have a piece of the west side! LOL. Met John Cable this weekend, and look forward to fishing with him in the future. John, I hope you did better Sunday than you did on Saturday. Did that young lady (used loosely) convince you to buy those relics? Take care guy, and thanks again for the hat...

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    The pleasure was mine. Nope on the "Relics" Very great to meet ya and btw your as much a gentleman in person as on the forums. And I totally agree that we should not only clean up our own mess when leaving a fishing or walking area but if we have the capability with us to "Straighten" up for the more intelligently challenged that sometimes also frequent our fishing areas. JC