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Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by kat buster, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. kat buster

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    Ok doe any body have any info on hog hunting in michigan?
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    Ithaca, MI

    In michigan there were never any hogs... until this year. In the northern third of the lower peninsula some time ago, some game ranch let their hogs go into the wild.

    As of right now the DNR estimates that around 300 hogs are wild and loose in the state. Anyone can shoot em and there is no season/license requirement.

    They have been seen as far south as Clinton County (the one north of the capital, Lansing) and as far north as Mackinaw.

    I work as a guide in one of those counties for a family owned game ranch. We have hogs there too, but they are ours and for sale... not living freely in the region.

    If you do come up, I would contact the DNR to inform them that you would be looking for a wild hog, and to find out the sites to hunt in state land where the most sightings have taken place (likely roscommon county, where the ranch that let em go was at)

    Good luck. PM me or post here if you want more info.

    Ill be back online on Monday.


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    I am sure that they are considered a nusence in that area. I know that they are all over here in southeast texas and a lot of deer hunters hate them. they tear up the terrain. I myself hunt them for meat and mix it with my deer sausage so that it isnt as dry. i will say that it will not take very long for the population to grow due to the fact that there isnt any hunting for them in you area that i know of and also because they reproduce fairly quickly.