Michigan from 2 to 3 rods/reels

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    For those of you that either live in or fish in Michigan you should be interested in the web site I am posting here. http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/Three-lines-FAQ_232625_7.pdf

    Michigan currently has a 2 rod/reel use limit, unless you are fishing on the great lakes for steelhead and salmon etc., then you can use 3 rod/reel. According to the website this has caused some hard feelings and misunderstandings when fishing inland waters.

    So Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fisheries, is collecting data and comments reference a change to 3 rod/reels for everyone. Please read the whole article on the web page and at the bottom there is an email address where you can contact them and give your opinions.

    I have forwarded a copy of this to our contact with Ohio Fisheries as I think it might be helpful in expediting a change in Ohio. .... Garry-
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    thank you for the post gary have a good one rick