Michigan brothers unite!

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    I have been trying to put this post out for the last two days now.

    I spent the majority of the morning on Monday talking on the phone with two of my BOC brothers Sparky Larson, and Riverkat (Dan). After talking to those two, it really reaffirmed for me just how unique our catfishing fraternity is in the state of Michigan. We are a small band of brothers that are chasing a species of fish that very few people in the state place any real value in. You ask about flathead catfish in most bait and tackle shops here and they look at you like you just arrived from the Vegan star system. To find people that approach catfishing with the same passion as me is truly a hidden treasure in itself. That is evident by the number of people who regularly post on the subject on a daily or weekly basis in Michigan. There are only roughly about eight of us that post here regularly, but the unique part that I value about the state of Michigan is that we all want to fish with one another, and most of us have. There is no exclusivity between groups. I could choose to go to Fowler one weekend and fish with Sal, or I could come and fish the K-zoo with Jim (who I have not met), but Sal has met Jim, and we are all part of the BOC. No one feels left out, because whether we are all there or not, everyone benefits from each of our experiences in the long run. I have fished with only three of you, but I plan on adding the remaining folks to the list this summer. That’s my approach to the BOC, and that’s what I think true camaraderie is all about. Let’s put away any differences that we may have with one another, and celebrate our similarities. Shake hands and come out fighting – not with one another, but with that 50 pound flathead and 42 pound channel cat that each of us is diligently pursuing. The BOC can only get stronger by us coming together. The more we fish together, and learn from one another the less internet driven this thing becomes, and the greater the opportunity there is for our brotherhood to flourish. It is not hyperbole to say that I think you're all a bunch of great guys(no girls as of yet), and our unique quality stems from the fact that we are such a small gathering of brothers fishing for a species that few seem to notice. I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your contributions to the Michigan section generally, and to my base of knowledge specifically. I look forward to strengthening the camaraderie between us on a flatheading trip sometime in the near future. Now let me clear up a few misconceptions that may exist in no particular order:

    (1) None of us is the “voice” of the Michigan crew. I think Sal has been here the longest among the regular posters, and I defer to all of you (new members included) because you’ve lived here longer. You should naturally know more about your home waters. In essence, we are all the “voice.” Some of us are more willing to take the lead on certain things, but it is all of our responsibility to represent Michigan catfishing well. If you are privy to any information that will benefit the group as a whole step up to the plate. I, for one, will promise not to hit you with a fastball (might throw you a curve to keep you honest LOL).

    (2) Sparky and myself really do get along quite well, even though it appears that we give each other a hard time here. I've met his wife Nancy, spent the night at his home on a couple of occasions, and have spent the most time together outside of fishing than anyone here thus far. I expect him to be a little rough around the edges. ROTFLOL. I’ve caught most of my fish with Don, and finally got to spend a day with Sal this spring, but as I implied earlier I haven’t signed an exclusivity contract with either of them. I look forward to fishing with all of you, and I hope you feel the same.

    (3) You are all welcome to come to the Metropolitan Detroit area to fish. We don’t bite here, even though the dogs can be a little more aggressive than in your neck of the woods. LOL. I actually live closer to Ann Arbor. I wouldn’t suggest coming here without a boat, unless you want the smell of skunk on you regularly, but you are more than welcome to come. We could fish the Raisin River in Monroe which is about 20 or so miles south of the border, or we could do the local thing at Belleville Lake. Both bodies of water are known for channel catfishing. If you need a place to lay your head you can stay under my roof. I don’t have any extra beds, but we can find space. We do have plenty of that to keep you out of the elements. Forget the whole campground scenario here, as far as a potential gathering site. Why do you think I like going to rural areas to fish? LOL. Just send me a PM if you want to plan an excursion…

    (4) This is a great site isn’t it? Well, it becomes greater when you get more involved with the people outside of the state of Michigan. I really don’t view it so much as a talk forum anymore, but a real vehicle to help me gain friends that I otherwise never would have met. Contrary to popular disbelief, you are allowed to meet, greet, and fish with other folks outside of the Michigan state borders. LOL. It’s a little scary at first, but you can do it! I have been fishing with, or have met brothers from Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee (sorry if I missed anybody). There is the National Gathering that is coming up on September 15, 16, and 17th in Kentucky, and it would be a blast if a few of us could go down there together. You’ll get to meet some great people, AND you might even get the opportunity to show some of our Southern brethren how it’s done! At present, I plan on making the trip down there. You are all welcome to come…

    (5) If you are only viewing the Michigan section you are missing out on a lot of good information that the site has to offer in regards to catfishing. However, you aren’t missing anything in the high intensity area, which has nothing to do with the sport directly. The world discussion area is a section where you will meet the majority of the members. Also, if we see one another online send a PM, and we can chat in real time instead of the delay we experience with posting. If you want to stay with fishing a good place to start is the library, and you can go from there.

    (6) Become a star member when you get the opportunity. I don’t want to wake up one morning and find the vehicle that I use to reach all of you has crashed. The minimum donation is $10. It took me a year to even think about jumping on the bandwagon, but I’m there now, and hopefully we all can contribute in some way.

    (7) Having a hard time finding catfish specific terminal tackle or gear? Look no further than the Catfish Connection, which is where I order my stuff. Once your order is placed it gets to my doorstep in two to three days. I haven’t had a problem with them yet. There should be a link for them somewhere in the sponsor section. If not, you can PM me for the info…

    (8) Michigan Dave is not AKA Casper the friendly ghost, nor is Dan Lipski (RiverKat). I hope both of you guys are reading this. LOL. Dan, I do have your contact information brother, so don’t stay gone for long. If you guys don’t hear from someone in awhile send them a quick shout out just to see if they’re still alive and kicking. If I leave for awhile (which I do on occasion) I will be back. Let’s always stay in touch…

    (9) We are allowed to have a gathering. LOL. We had one last year, even though it wasn’t dubbed the “Michigan Gathering.” Let’s see if we can get our schedules together and pull off another one. I nominate Vanderbilt Park again because it served the purpose for a small group of folks, but it could be anywhere. Whether it’s this year or next, let’s get together and make it happen.

    (10) Last, but certainly not least, GO FISHING!!! We only got so much time here in Michigan to really enjoy catfishing both day and night before we’re freezing our butts off. You’re not going to catch them sitting at home.

    Thanks for listening,
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    Great post Vic.
    I always appreciate fishing with new people. Its the knowledge of fishing gained and shared that i enjoy most.
    Rivaled closely by the conversation had by whom i'm fishing with.As good as a fishermen that a person is, one is never to knowledgable to learn. And everyone does it differently.
    Catfish is a species that is under-appreciated by most. I used to be mainly a bass guy, but have rapidly changed that to the ever elusive Flathead.
    I've yet to fish with Vic, however i'm looking forward too.Anytime you get a chance to come over to Allegan area, i'll be waiting.That also goes for everyone on this site.
    For the record everyone i've met through this site has been very respectful and generous. and a pleasure to fish with.
    Hell i didn't know Sal or Tony, and they both have invited and had me on there boat. Now that's awesome.
    well tight ans safe line to all
    until we meet again,

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    Grand River Valley, Weste
    It's almost a little funny.
    Take several guys of different ages, from different places, with different jobs, & different backgrounds, and when they all go catfishing- nothing else matters.

    Of course, "If you take one Baptist fishing, then you have to bring two.
    That way they don't drink all your beer". (Garrison Keillor)
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    GC, OHIO
    Great post Vic, hope you get your members to speak up and join in in some fishing.

    But really, who wants to admit they are from Michigan anyway?? LMAO Go Bucks!!
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    Nice thread Vic. I think we should just adopt all ten points -----the BOC Bill of Rights; a credo for every member. Thanks!
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    Menominee Michigan
    9 now Vic I will be up their real soon cant wait to walk into the baitshap an ask em where the cats are bitein at lol