Michael Howard's Bream Trap

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    Original post made by Michael Howard(Cuttingout69) on June 15, 2005

    Here is what I use to catch my bait from a pravite pond. I have 9 of them and have caught up 300 baits in one 24 hour peroid from 2"-4" with some up to 6". Just as with any fishing location is important. You may have to move them to find the fish and find what works for you. I use crawfish pellets like they use at a crawfish farm. I catch very few crawfish with them, mostly red perch, little blue gills with some barnch goggleye. Here are the measurements and things you need.
    1. 1/2" sq wire 2' wide roll. Small hog rings or 1/8 aluimuin clips.
    2. cut 48" off and roll into a box which will or should come out to 11"x11".
    3. cut 12" off and then cut in half to make (2) 12"x12" pcs for the ends.
    4. cut your throat to fit. My throats are 2" wide by 4" tall by 4" deep.
    5. Put it together with hog rings or clips.
    6. Cut the door big enough to get you hand in without cutting it on the wire. I make mine 5"x5". Don't skimp on the rings or clip as you want to make it as strong as possible and not have any holes. I will have to put up several post for pics as they are to big for one post. Sorry.