Mice & Frog: Slopping for Bass!

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by PiscMonkey, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. PiscMonkey

    PiscMonkey New Member

    Is there technics with these type of lures and is there anyone who has done slopping tell me in detail how how it is done?
  2. catter5000

    catter5000 New Member

    Not sure what slopping is,but if you are talking about using a moss mouse or a scum frog I can help.If slopping refers to the water your fishing,mice and frogs are commonly used in heavy cover or where there are mats of grass,weeds or whatever on the top of the water.I use several different scum frog colors for diffferent water colors.
    I use a 6'6" MH rod and an Abu 5000D spooled with 65 lb power pro.I just fish the frogs in a random pattern. Just try different retrieves until you find one that works in the lake or pond where you fish. Allen

  3. Mickey

    Mickey New Member

    I call this mat fishing or garbage fishing. When the bass or relating to this type of structure, I love to fish the frog. I put christmas bells inside of my frogs and it adds weight and noise. The bass can follow it easier. I feel that Power Pro is a must over mono line. You can mix up your action. Sometimes move the frog in a steady pull, and other times start and stop. Any time there is a hole in the mat, be sure and slide across it. This will get you started on some excited fishing.