Miami white water, Cincinnati area

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  1. Ravensmavsfan

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    Has anyone ever had any succes on this lake in hamilton county? I'm going soon and i'm going to rent a row boat to fish in some 15 to 20 feet deep water.
    What baits have you used at this lake?

    What are the dominant fish in this lake?

    Is it a rocky bottom or slick muddy bottom?

    Any info or expirence you can share will be apreciated.
  2. ohiohawghunter45067

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    Trenton, Ohio
    ive never fished this lake before. but i have heard some good things about it. so report and let us know. i do know a good place really close to it drop me a pm and ill tell u about it.

  3. nightCaster

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    i have yet to catch anything other than some decent bluegill yet this year, but i havent had the opp. to fish there more than a twice. I do know that they have been stocking the lake with a few thousand pounds of channel catfish and trout. During the summer months on Fri. Sat. the boat house stays open until midnight to allow for night fishing which is usually a pretty good time. There's some pretty good sized catfish swimming around out there.

    I think the bottom is prettymuch slick mud.

    i havent fished there quite enough to give any recomendations on bait.
    ive had some luck with worms, and with some cut bait.

    Like i said I think the lake is continually stocked with rainbow trout and channel cats throughout the spring/summer, I assume they stock bass as well. Ive also seen a few good sized carp in the shallows near the golf course.

    hope this helps,
    good luck