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im new to this site. i live near the dam on chattahoochee, but it is way too cold for catfish to be roaming on the northern banks. i no several other places like chandler, ozora, matthews, and several does anyone no any other lake besides lanier and the ones i listed?
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im in the gwinnett area .....just moved here....would love to find a good place for a chance to catch a biggun....dont have too much time on my hands....if i do get a chance to get out it would be on a saturday....i know there is a pay lake down the road ....some buddies of mine said it was no good , but they never tried using goldfish or live blue gonna give it a try sometime soon hopefully...i dont normally like paying to fish but im not familiar with the area at all
Im in the gwinnett area too. There is a place called Tribble Mill Park. It has a really good bass fishing lake called Lake Chandler. You can see 5 pounders at the shoreline! yet it is pretty hard to notice.There is also a place called Lake Matthews in a neighborhood called Bright Water. Its a rich peeple place. Some advice. NEVER EVER go to a pay lake or river. Its only for boats and probly way too much debree.if u have AOL, you could notify me where in the gwinnettt area you live in.

P.S: If you fly fish, there is a place called Buford Dam. On one side is Lake Lanier(Big Striper place), on the other side is the Chattahoochee River. The northern bank, where we r at, is too cold for cats, but fly fishing will catch you amazing Trout. Good Luck!
He guys whats going on. Try tribble mill, may be the same lake you were talking about on chandler. I live about 5 mins from there. Need to get together with you fellow Gwinnettians.

I went there last week and there were some huge bass up on the shore. Once those minnows come in, the bass are going to come chargin in. One mistake by one single minnow, they are all dead. There's also this place called lake Matthews. My grandpa almost caught a pretty good bass there. its in a neighborhood called BrightWater. Rich folk place.
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