Metal detecting like fishing?

Discussion in 'Metal Detecting' started by Bobpaul, Jan 22, 2006.

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    I found this statement on another site this morning as I was readying myself for the soon to be spring break at the beach.

    Why do some folks have the type of success that you would love to have? What is it that makes the difference? How important are the different sites we hunt in? These are the kinds of questions we all ask of ourselves when we think about improving our finds. I think about fishing when I hear those questions and it reminds me about reading the fishing reports in the newspapers where someone caught a boat load of fish at such and such place. Well, I can tell you that it never did me any good because detectorists like fishermen hardly ever tell exactly how or when they find the stuff and it was always there yesterday at a certain time and when that moment was past you could forget it. Treasure hunting is about the same and seems to me to happen at certain times and places where you could never find anything before or after, like the gold coin I found at the beach, one day it was there in the spot that thousands of hunters have covered for 30 years but who can tell when to go or how to hunt or where to hunt?

    This was by the webmaster of the Golden Oldies site, who's soon to be operated on for a brain tumor. It's a strictly metal detecting site, full of more information than I thought possible.
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    Good post Bob!

    Can be said for many things we are involved in!

    I guess we should find our own way and make our own luck and not wish for what might have been or could be!