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    Brain met me and "Jonny boy "at my house with about 40 gills ( thanks ) around 10pm the other night. We hit the lake, set up, and started getting little bumps pretty fast but couldn't land a fish to save our lives, LOL.

    I sat over with Brain and watched my rods from there. I had one hard smack but I couldn't make it over to my rods fast enough ( my only excuse, LOL ). Now Brian on the other hand had hard hits every 30 minutes or so but he got out smarted, LOL ( you can lead a horse to water but ya cant make him drink....LOL ). He told me to cast out my rods towards him but I wanted to see him land some fish so I didn't.

    Next time bro you have 3 strikes, and then I'm slingin circle hooks your way, hehe.

    Brian was great company with a great sense of humor ( that's why I'm poking at him ). Every BoC brother I've met has turned out to be a great friend and Brain will be no exception.

    Despite no fish pics he said he was happy just to see a lot of hits, especially while bank fishing. He also got to meet mcdo2137 the turtle slayer and his son for a few minutes .

    Oh Brian told me he was a gar magnet and he was right, LOL. He did land one gar that about took his rod.

    Either way it was a pleasure to fish with him and without a doubt we will fish again. One of these days I would love to get some of you other guys out this way, especially pop pop who has never fished Hartwell ; )~

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    Awesome!!! I GOT to get to Hartwell one of these days, since I am only 30 minutes away!!

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    Well THANK YOU Jimmy for the kind words, but honestly you made the trip a true enjoyment, I learned a few things about catching these cats and some better ways to keep my bait on the hook :) I cant wait to go again with you, I have never had so much fun "bank" fishing...maybe next time we can take my boat and maybe I can learn some more from "The Night Stalker" ...anyways, I had a blast despite the fact that we didnt land a fish, well besides that gar...we will tear em up next time. :big_smile::big_smile::wink: