Met a few BOC brothers today

Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by IndyCatGuy, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. IndyCatGuy

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    Greensburg, IN
    Decided to leave my boat at home today and fish the bank for some carp or anything that would bite really. Fished the dock at Arnold's Creek and I ended up meeting Rspd507 and SkiMax today. Both really nice fellas with some really nice boats and setups. Hey was nice meeting you!
  2. Wabash River Bear

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    Good for you brother! I cant wait for spring to pop and the water to go down. I plan on gettin out and meeting some of our brothers myself. I'm gonna set up a date on the Wabash in May, hope to get some over this way. I hope to get over on the White and meet some over that way. I'm going down to the Ohio a couple times this year and plan on hooking up with a few then. I hope I can run into you somewhere along the line. Take care.