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Message from above

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I want to share what happened to me tonight on the way to work...
As a little background, I love bad weather, I can watch it all day long and I think it is just an amazing sight to watch,

Well it was raining when I left to got to work, which really did not bother me, the way this year has gone there have been a bunch of days like today, or so I thought,,,

I got about 5 miles from the house and the weather started to really get bad, I had to driver around a couple of downed trees in the road, then the wind started to blow, I guess it was anywhere from 40 to 50 mph “really hard’” and the rain was so hard I had to slow to almost a creep because I could not see,,, Well I get a little worried when the hail the size of marbles started to break on the windshield,, I picked up the phone and called my wife to let her know what was going on, and I did not tell her this, but if anything happened she would know where I was to send help,,, honestly guys, I was in a wooded area and was waiting on the twister to come over the top of me at any minuet,,, well to say I was a little worried would be really under-stating it, after driving around a couple of more miles things started to slack off, so I got off the phone and continued down the road to work, thinking that that was probably the roughest storm I have ever driven through..

That’s when it happened, the road ahead of me open up into a field area, and some pastures,, and as I pass buy I was looking around at the fields, I cleared a fence row and this is what I saw,,, it was so spectacular that I could not believe what I was seeing, it looked like something that was painted in a fairy tail , it was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen,, I slammed on the brake and got my cell phone out a snapped a pic before I headed on… as I continued down the road I thought about what had just happened to me,,, one of the wildest storms I had ever been in and right after the most stunning scene with the rainbow above the field,,, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks,,, as the tears filled my eyes, I realized that I had just had a real life religious experience, this was the most moving thing that has happened to me in a long time,, the message was “and I have faith it was a message” no matter how bad the storm gets , I WILL TAKE CAIR OF YOU…

Now if you don’t believe there is no way I will be able to convince you that this was anything other than a bad storm and a rainbow, but as a Christine I know better… if you are paying enough attention in your life you will find the Lord does still talk to people, you just have to listen…

It’s been several Hrs now and I’m still choked up over this…
Take the time and slow down and listen,
If not, there is no telling what you could miss…

God bless.
John "PJ"


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your right about that,God does still talk to us for sure . most likely you will never hear his voice but in ways that just happened to you...
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