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    I used to fish the mermac river a lot, I don/t any more cause i live 2 miles from the mississippi . Most of my mermac fishing was done in the winter are early spring I seen where kutter mentioned george winter park. It/s by fenton. This was my favorite spot in the winter. It has real deep gravel pits. The fish and I/m talking channels here, all collect in these deep pits in the winter. I/ve caught more and bigger channels there than any where,but you got to do it after the water cools and they move into the holes. They really stack up there .You got to throw way out and you have to use shad gut for bait. when I fished there you had to walk through the woods and it was a hassle . Now they got it fixed up for easy access .Give it a try in the winter if you like big channels. Remember the key is long cast with shad gut.
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    patrick5533: The wife and I was talking about Winter Brothers park the other day. The last time I was there was probably 25 years ago. I went to the boat races. I tried my first skoal bandit there! That's a habit I'm glad I didn't stick with.

    I think we will give it a try. It's not too far from me. How is the crappie there?