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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Rookie12, May 9, 2006.

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    I got a mercury 50 ELPTO. Sometimes when you sit in one spot for a long time and then try to recrank it, you have to choke it and hold throttle almost 3/4 of the way down to get it to crank and then it's like it doesn't have all the fuel it needs for a few seconds and then it's OK. I've noticed that it helps sometimes to pump the primer bulb before cranking. I fix Mack trucks for a living and this sure sounds like I've got fuel leaking back (losing prime). does this osund like the problem, and has anybody else experienced this? Oh, and if you got it running, cut it off for just minute and crank it up, it doesn't spin a half a round before it fires off. only does it after sitting a while. i haven't timed it though. thanks, later!!
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    Is the electric choke working and do you use it to help start it.
    I would check all the hoses from the tank to the engine and replace if necessary. If the bulb is at least 2 years old replace it.

    Get me a serial number off of it so I know what motor we have here.

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    Hi Rookie12. I have a 98 30 HP. merc. and it started out doing the same thing and as time went on it got so I had to hit the primer ball while it was running. I checked all the hoses replaced the pump up ball and fuel hose to no avail. I finally had to take it to it to a merc mecanic to check out and he had to rebuild the carb. and replace the fuel pump and now it runs like new. I know that here on the sight theres a two gentelman that realy know there stuff and im sure if they see this post they can be of grate help. good luck Bigcatman0816.