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2017 mercury outboard 90 hp (1F904531D and 2B393883) on a 2017 Suntracker 21 foot pontoon boat. Suddenly motor started pulling hard to the right. Just before this started happening I bumped into a boat dock (not too hard) and then I was fishing around submerged trees and a boat wave lifted my pontoon boat up and dropped me on the tree (pretty hard). I checked this condition out on the web and people said the trim tab needs to be adjusted. However, This motor doesn't have one right above the prop like other motors. The one that is there is flat with no fin on it. (76214 part number for trim tab)

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Rylan, I would have said to check the trim tab also but if it doesn't have one, I would say to contact a local dealer and ask them what could be causing that issue.
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