Mercury 40hp oil injected?

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    I have a 1989 Mercury 40hp oil Injected motor on an old 1983 pontoon boat my son has acquired.It was given to him by a friend .The boat has been sitting in the lake for two years . We are now restoring the old boat. Would like some information on the motor.I have not tried to crank it yet. Do you think I need to pull the foot and check the pump first?Ialso need a manual.Where would be a good place to purchase one?Is there any thing else I need to check?I will up load some pics.


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    1st change lower unit oil! You might shoot a little oil down the cyl.s to lube them. Take a pin, touch tip cleaner etc. and stick in the pee hole (where the water comes out when running) I have had mine plug up before from spiders.
    You will know if she is pumping water if the motor pees. Merc tradition. (if your modle does that) You can always mix gas to start it if you do not trust the oiler.

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    Hi Ernest,
    Do you know when the last time the motor was running ? I would check everything out that might need attention, spark plugs, lower gear oil, fuel filter or anything else that would be the obvious, then put it in a barrel or something to run check the engine and make sure it is squirting water from where the pump is pumping water. As long as it is squirting water real good, you should be fine for a while unless you just want to pull the lower unit and check the impeller but don't start it out of water, I'm sure you alrready knew that though.
    I hope it'll be good one for you.
    As far as a manual for it you might be able to download it from the Mercury website for a small fee or go to your local Mercury dealer and they might be able to help you out getting it.

    Good Luck :)

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    Bubba wrote up an article on starting older engines and ones that've been setting for awhile.

    A water pump would be a good idea. Mercs eat them up quicker than most others.

    Throw away any old gas and start fresh, with a carb rebuild, or you'll never know how good it could be running.

    A compression check, and spark check, then a lower unit oil change would be the first things to do.