Mercury 200hp Outboard Question

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by WylieCat, May 24, 2006.

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    I have a rebuilt 2.5 litre 200hp 1994 Mercury offshore motor on my boat I bought last month. It has a carburated engine and I mix gas and oil 50:1. The battery is an EverStart with 500 cold cranking amps and 625 mariine cranking amps.

    The motor was rebuilt by the previous owner, a Mercury certified mechanic. It smoked (white smoke) some at start up in the beginning, but he said that was because the gas/oil mixture was rich for the new motor during break-in. Since then I have mixed it at 50:1 and it smokes a little at start up but is quickly gone.

    Here is the point of my question. When I crank it, is sounds like it barely is turning over. Heck, it kinda scared me at first because that sound on my pontoon would mean a weak battery! She fires up everytime though, no problems in the month I have owned her. It just takes some getting used to hearing that.

    I know this may be a silly question, but I have only owned two boat in my life and this is the biggest motor by far on any of them!!

    Does this big of a motor just turn over slower than smaller ones or do I need to add more cranking power?

    Your knowledge and help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!
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    That could be the starter dragging. Did he replace the starter? try swaping with a battery you know is good and see what you get. I would not worry about the smoke. My 115 merc does the same but it is blue smoke then turns white.

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    Dieter I have a 200 Optimax so I probably cant help much.My owners manual calls for 1000 cranking amps but that is because of the injectors,air compressor etc that go with the Optimax engine.Your battery sounds small for the cranking application so I would add some more cranking amps.Bigger engines ie more cylinders do crank slower but it should fire right up.The Optimax doesn't sound normal either it just kind of starts right off the bat.Sounds like everything else is good to go though and you aren't having any other problems so that is a good thing.:smile2:
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    I've got a 94 Merc 200 EFI (fuel injected) - the starter turns over more slowly than, say, a 25 hp Evinrude, but it's not painfully slow nor does it really sound out of the ordinary. Just pulled it out of winter storage last weekend, pumped the bulb a few times, cranked for about 5 seconds and it ran like a top. Much credit goes to the folks here for helping me make sure I stored it properly!

    In your case, I suppose it's possible that the overhauled cylinders are still pretty tight and it's taking more work to turn the crankshaft. How many hours does it have since rebuild?

    If you're at all unsure of your battery, try a known-good one as suggested. If that doesn't make a difference, I'd suspect that the starter is getting weak or that the engine is just tight.

    Oh - also make sure that all the electrical contacts between battery and starter are tight and clean - remove any corrosion and make sure that the connectors are shiny clean.