Merced River

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    The Merced River "hot spot" is approximately 80 miles from my house on the west side of Fresno (12 miles from Kerman). The main entree is stink bait, dough balls, and worms/crawlers. There are HUGE cats and carp in this body of water. Crawdads have never been tried there, but they should be contemplated ASAP! :tounge_out:

    Striped bass and large mouth bass get caught in this stretch of river.
    We have connections to the private property owners who let us in for $5 a carload of southern gentlemen.

    This "hot spot" is best during late spring to late summer.
    I have caught a 25 pound carp out there and catfish to four pounds.
    I have seen others off the bank walk by with 8 to 10 pound cats.

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