Merc 20hp 1968

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    Hey BobPaul,
    I have a Merc 200 20hp 1968,and i had to change a plug wire.So i changed
    the wire,an put evreything back together.Also the kill swicth button(you just push it in,and it kills the motor.The wires were rotten,some of the insulation was coming off,probably the first time it's ever been changed.Put new plugs
    on it too(gap.030).
    Now i'm not getting no fire through either plug,thought it might have been the
    kill swicth,but i unhooked it altogether.Still the same,retraced everthing i did,it's all hook-up right,could it be the stator,possible the points.
    Been along(long) time since the points,have been changed.I thought
    it might be a coil,but i didn't think both would go bad at once.
    Just wanted your opinion.I have to pull the flywheel to check the points,but didn't have a puller,so i have to borrow one from a friend.I'll do that tommorrow.
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    Mayfield, KY
    Bob Paul will have better advice than I do but ...

    How long has it been since you ran the motor before doing this work? If the motor was running (or at least getting spark) before you did this work, I would say that it must be something that you did, touched, or adjusted. Could have accidently knocked another wire off or something. It would be a mighty big coincidence for something to go out at this particular time. Not saying it can't happen but the chance would be minimal.

  3. Leakyboat

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    Hey Shane,
    That's what i'm thinking,went back and checked but can't find anything.The reason i changed the plug wire is that it got pinched by the cover,and burnt the wire.I thought it was the kill switch ,grounding out!I'm going to go over it again tomorrow.I'll let ya'll know,what i did wrong! :p