Memphis Lake

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    hit Memphis Lake last night, started w/ crawlers on one rod and liver on the other. First bite almost loses me my rod, but grabed it and gave a pull, i finnaly get it close to shore, start to get really excited, and SNAP, WHAT THE???? jaw drops, shoulders sag, curse the 12lb test on my rod . :beat_brick:
    re-rig, re-bait and cast out, pull other rod in and put liver on that one too. second fish hooks on, i play it a bit safer, taking it slow, letting the fish go on its runs instead of trying to get it in to quick, finally get it up on shore, and was just as pleased as i could be because at probably 5+ lbs, it’s the biggest fish I’ve caught in a few years, sad, I know.
    Not a bite after that, but still worth it, and then I get a shock, I turn my head lamp on after seeing the reflection of the stars ripple, and see a light toned snake swimming just under the surface, this surprised the heck outta me since I do (at least until last night) consider myself fairly knowledgeable of snakes in general and snakes native to Nebraska, corn snake was the first thing to come out of my mental snake rolodex, but they can only be found in the far south eastern corner of the state, king? Nooo, only kings found in Nebraska are almost black ribbon snake, aquatic, and sometimes found in NE, but this is way to light, so this morning, searched this board, old board, and google, the winner is the Northern Watersnake. Learn something new all the time!