Memory Box....a gift idea for b-days/holidays

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    Every year at Christmas I have a favorite gift. Not one I receive (although I usually have one of those too :smile2:), but one I choose or create to give someone else. This particular item seemed to go over well, and I thought some of you might like to try putting one together for a family member or friend.

    My "Memory Box" was created for my sister.

    First off, I wrote down some personal recollections from the past....silly little things we'd done together, things I remembered she enjoyed as a child, etc.

    Then I purchased items which correlated with each of the memories.

    When I wrapped each of the gifts, I made sure to cover the item well INSIDE the boxes/bags; on top I placed an individual note pertaining to each one.

    I tried to keep the notes in more of a "clue" format, so that the item inside wouldn't be given away until it was revealed.

    For example: One note said "I never understood your fascination with him, but you may have been his biggest fan" and contained a Scooby-Doo watch (one that is appropriate for a grown woman to wear). My sis LOVES watches, always has.

    One note/gift recalled an incident back in the day, when I dared her to jump off the high end of the deck. Boy, that girl would do anything! I think she was perhaps 5 at the time, and skinned both her knees badly. I'd told her that if she did it, I'd give her a dime. Well.....I had never paid up, even after all these years. So I enclosed a whole roll of dimes. (I actually ordered a 1966 - her birth year - SMS set of coins including a dime, but when they came [Ebay] I was not happy with the quality.)

    Another concerned a time we walked to Pizza Hut in the snow, with a very limited amount of money. Somehow, some way, our bill ended up being exactly that same amount. I still think the waitress heard us talking. I bought a Pizza Hut giftcard, and attached it to a lined magnetic notepad which had a snowflake design printed on it. Winter is my sis's favorite season.

    The first R-rated movie I ever went to as the ADULT was "The Blue Lagoon", and guess who I took with me? Yep, my little sister. I found a DVD of that movie (Ebay)....and the note said "Teenagers watching teenagers, but boy did I feel grown up as your chaperone."

    A later memory in the scheme of things pertained to a trip we took to the NC mountains, with both of my nieces along. Sis just HAD to go to this one candy store. That day I discovered her love of chocolate truffles. So into the box went a wrapped package of Starbucks Mocha Truffles.

    After wrapping each "memory" individually, I put them all into a larger box with a note inside on the top saying "Memory Box", and wrapped it as well.

    This idea is similar to making someone a basket of things you know they like, but the added interest of the memory connection makes it more special imo.

    My sis laughed a lot when she opened "The Blue Lagoon" and the dimes; she put the watch on immediately. Then she hugged me and got all teary-eyed, and so did I.

    "There isn't anyone else in the world that I share these particular memories with, and that is what makes it so special."

    My sister, what a wonderful person she is. She knows how to make the members of our family feel so special as well.
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    Wow Tanya your both blessed to have one another,And that is a great idea for Christmas.

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    Neat idea Tayna..:) Sounds fun. I remember Blue Lagoon, my dad had it on VHS tape. I used to watch it sometimes when no one was around...I still love that Brooke :wink::smile2: