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    Id like to hear about that special place you have in your heart for a certain place related to fishing. This as prompted from another post on another board but for me my fondest memories of fishing were when I was about 10 years old, we owned a Property just down the road from a nice large stream called Ohio Brush Creek and my dad would drop me off with my Zebco 404 and a minnow bucket and a dozen nightcrawlers. I would walk down a hill on a 2 track to a tractor crossing and fish off a sand/rock bar into a nice eddy section. This is where I learned to fish!!! I can remember being scared as I was all alone for a couple of hours and I always heard noises in the woods behind me. ( mellon in his Bigfoot suit perhaps) I got bluegills, rock bass and shiners mostly but 3 times I specifically remember, the first was when I saw a Great Blue Heron fly just over my head making its racket and me trying to explain to my dad that it looked like a Taredactyl ( Dinasour bird - Sp?) and him thinking I was on drugs or something....Funny now that I know what is was, way before anyone had ever seen them back in about 1975, way cool. Then there was the time I was so excited because I caught my first Smallmouth and it was bigger across then the bottom of the 9" bottom of the bucket, Whhooo Boy, you never saw such a proud fisherman in your life or of a just as proud dad. My last moment was when I swear I caught a Yellow Perch but in reality I know now that it was a Log Perch about 5" long. These 3 are my fondest memories and started this huge ball rolling to a lifelong hoibby that I just cant get enough of. For that opportunity, I thank my dad since no one in my family fished. So just remember, it only takes a little time to start someone on the best ride of their life!!

    Im sure others have some great fond memories from fishing but these are the ones most etched into my mind, just like they happened yesterday!

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    lol i know exactly what you mean. I remember fishing with my dad for the first time. He told me to be careful where i walk in the river and to be as quiet as possible to catch fish. That day 2 things happened. I landed my first ever smallmouth and i stepped into a fishing spot i still fish. The water went over my head. ANd i have been fishing this section of river ever since and its fun to watch how the spot has changed and the fish growing up with me