Memorial Day GMR near Troy

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    Catching up on some recent action, my buddy and I went to Troy and and were tearing up the cats at the dam, TJ and I move down to another cat hole and catch a few and then on a retreive of a nice 3-5 in chub my line takes off. "This isn't fighting like a cat," it came right in until he saw us then we had some action. It took off and I would get control and circle him through us but with no net it required special handling :eek:oooh:. Luckily I had braid on my light medium setup and TJ said don't worry about the hook til we get a stringer in him, after a few passes TJ put his arms under him and threw him on shore. All in all, a nice mess of walleye/saugeye one cat worth cleaning and this......
    32 inch Northern Pike!
    2 pics one of me holding him at home before he became what was to become 3 dinners LOL and one while he was in a pool by the river while we fished.

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