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    Sea Ark Boat Company Tour.

    In the midst of almost $4.00 per gallon fuel prices, and a flood in the Sea Ark Company region, we said, “What the Heck”.

    Eric packed his truck and made the journey and shacked up in a cheap motel for the weekend.

    Sea Ark was a Grade A company, and even in disaster recovery operations they were underway with safety being an upmost concern. From the top of the BOC we can say that Sea Ark is rooted in what works, and comes from a long line of no-nonsense boat builders that continually improve their product.

    Featured is a small video showcasing the plant in full operation meeting the demands of over 100 dealers from across the nation. We were very impressed that operations continued as normal, even in the event of flooding from high waters in all surrounding areas.

    Many recently remember the problems that the recent floods had on homes and business’s, Sea Ark proved they can continue to perform in even the most demanding conditions.

    We are all feeling the pinch with recent fuel prices and the economy. Some are hurting worse than others based on current life conditions. Help those that reach out to you. Sea Ark has reached out and partnered with the best catfishing club in the world.

    Although new to many companies, online advertising is proving its worth, and Sea Ark saw the great potential of backing the members of the BOC.

    When in the market for a new or used boat, take a hard look at Sea Ark, and you wont be displeased. Meeting the needs of 98% of all catfishermen, solid warranty’s, an active footprint in the BOC, you cant loose.

    My next boat will be a Sea Ark.

    Think for a moment.

    If you bought another boat, would they hear you, or would you be just another number on the profit chart?

    The owner of Sea Ark, and the 2IC surf the BOC daily. This is direct attention that cant be had by any other boat company in the US today. Many boat companies use the BOC as a guage, but Sea Ark made the plunge and acted on member communications.

    If you post, they will listen.

    Enjoy the video: