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    Maintaining And Modifying Fishing Equipment

    Boat, Motor and Trailer Maintenance, Modifications and Repair

    Installing a Keelshield on a Catfish Boat

    Installing a Keelshield on your Catfish Boat

    Darryl's Rope Organizers

    Rebuilding An Old Pontoon Boat

    Sam's Catfish Boat Lights

    Repacking Trailer Wheel Bearings

    Adjustable Boat Seat "Z-Bars"

    Dink's Jack Bars

    How I built a "Jack Plate" for my Boat

    Pontoon Boat Modification Under the Deck

    Catoon Alternative Anchoring System

    A Pond Catfish Boat

    Lighting Idea for Night Catfishing

    Modifications for a Pontoon Boat

    Pontoon Anchoring System

    Installing a Whale Tail on a Catfish Boat

    Installing a Bow Mount Trolliing Motor on a Catfishing Boat

    Wiring Your Catfish Boat for Night Catfishing

    Winterizing Your Catfish Boat

    Tutorial on Waterpump Installation

    Tutorial for Rebuilding Carburetors

    Skipeye's LED Deck Lighting For Night Fishing***pics***-159069.html

    Boat and Trailer Accessories and Gadgets - Anchors, etc.

    Boat Ramp Wheel Chock

    Trailer Hitch Aiming Device

    Light Pole for Night Fishing

    Joe's Anchor

    An Anchor for Catfishing

    BBQ and Campstove for a Pontoon Boat

    Chuck99's Boat Cover

    Fish's Idea for Quick Hookup to Boat Trailer

    Re-boarding Ladder

    Heavy Duty Anchor

    Fix for Hard To Load Boat Trailers

    Rod Holders For The Boat

    PVC Rod Holders for your Catfish Boat

    Scott's River Rod Holders

    Dave's Rod Rack for a Catfish Boat

    Driftmaster Catfish Rod Holder Installation

    Riverratsc's Catfishing Boat Rod Holders

    Easy Rod Holders

    Driftmaster Style Rod Holder Mounts

    Drifter's PVC Rod Holders

    Rookie12's Driftmaster Rigs

    BKS72's Boat Rod Holder Rack

    Willcat's Pontoon Rod Holders

    Metalman's Rod Rack for Boat

    Bank Rod Holders

    Harold's Rod Holders

    Sal's Hog Holders

    Netmanjack's pvc bank rod holders

    Cheap and Easy to Make Bank Rod Holders

    Arlan's Bank Rod Holders

    Dean's Dock Rod Holders

    Frosty's Bank Rod Holders

    Truckerfisher's Bumper Mounted Rod Holders

    Fordman's Bank Rod Holders

    Jtrew's Bank Rod Holders

    Homemade Bank Rod Holders

    DJ's Bank Rod Pod

    Eddie's Bank Rod Holders

    Keith's Cheap Bank Rod Holders

    PVC Bank Rod Holders

    T-Bar Rod Holder

    D_Weezy's Rod Holders for Pier and Bank

    Combination Bank Rod Holder/Carry-all

    Home Rod Storage/Rod Carriers

    Shinchan's Rod Carrier

    DRC's Rod Storage System

    Rat's Complete Home Rod Storage System

    Rat's Rod Rack

    Big George's Rod Storage System

    Rod and Reel Information

    Replacing or Upgrading Drag Washers For Ambassadeur Reels

    Homemade Rod Guide Wrapping Table

    Inexpensive Rod Protectors

    Adding A Clicker To An Ambassadeur Reel That Doesn't Have One

    Changing The Bushings To Bearings In Ambassadeur Reels

    Disassembly and Re-assembly of a Penn Peerless #9

    Cleaning and Lubrication Tutorial for ABU 6500 CL3

    Drag Maintenance

    Anti-Reverse on an AZ-90

    Fixing a Master 180 Clicker

    Star Drag Maintenance

    Reel Lubrication

    Tips on Caring for your Reel

    Cleaning and Repairing a Mitchell 300

    Disassembly and Assembly of a Baitcaster

    Adjusting the Bearing Cap on a Penn Reel

    Rod Maintenance

    Line Pawl Lubrication

    Thoughts on Reel Bearings

    Reel Care

    How To Set The Drag On Your Reel

    Learning To Cast A Baitcaster

    Casting Distance

    Reparing the clicker on an Ambassadeur Reel

    Build Your Own Custom Rod

    Abu 7000iC3 Gear Upgrade (Slow gear ratio to fast gear ratio)

    Gear Maintenance and Repair

    Q-Beam Modification (Fixing The Weak Link)

    Waddy's Electric Lantern Modification

    Troubleshooting a Gas Lantern

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    Fishing Tackle


    Snelling Hooks for a Catfish Rig

    A Circle Hook Tutorial

    Circle Hook Dimensions

    Snelling Hooks for Catfish

    Snelling Catfish Hooks

    Circle Hooks - Love Em Or Hate Em!

    A Lesson On Fish Hooks

    A Look At Circle Hooks


    Make Your Own Steel Leaders For Catching Catfish

    Spider Hitch Double Leader Rig for Catfishing

    Spider Catfish Hook and Rig Storage

    Alternative Paternoster Rig

    How to Make a Hair Rig for Catfishing

    Slip Bobber Rig For Catfish

    Paternoster Rig

    Stinger Rig for Catfishing

    Basic Catfishing Rigs

    Balloon Slip Rigs For Catfish

    Suspended Floating Rig

    Chumming Rig with pictures

    Tangle Minimizing Rig

    Cork Fishing Rigs


    Knot For Catfishing

    Storage And Organization

    Catfish Tackle Organization

    Catfish Tackle Organization(Video)

    Storage for Sabiki Rigs

    Storage for Catfish Hooks

    Pre-tied Leader Caddy

    Tackle Storage For Pontoon Boats

    Slip Bobbers

    Bobber Stops for Catfishing

    Catfishing Slip Bobbers

    Balloon Float Rig

    Slip Bobber (Easy Made)

    Rollo's Homemade Slip-Floats For Livebait Flathead Fishing

    Home Made Bobber Stops

    Sinkers - Descriptions, Making, etc.

    “No Snag” or “Flat Spoon” Sinkers

    Dave's Exhaust Fan for Sinker Making

    Beer Can Sinkers for Catfishing

    Free Lead Sinkers for Catfishing

    Sacrificial Sinkers

    Sinker Making: Turning Wheel Weights into Ingots

    Pouring Sinkers at Home

    Sinkers Identification

    Making "No Snag" Sinkers

    Making Drift Sinkers

    Sinkers You Can Make At Home

    Soda Can Sinker Mold

    No Snag Sinkers That Snag

    Dual purpose homemade sinker/Chum box

    Home Made Claw Sinker

    No-roll Sinker Mold out of sheetrock

    Making "No Snag" Pencil Sinkers

    Making the most of your No Roll Sinker Mold

    Fishing Line

    Storing Extra Line Neatly

    Setting the Hook and Using the Drag with Braided Line

    Cheap Way to Spool Line

    Using Circle Hooks With Mono Line

    Abrasion Resistance

    Bite Alarms and Detectors

    Baby-Clicker monitor - A Strike indicator for catfishing

    Easy Homemade Bite Detector

    Jeremy's Night Catfishing Bite Detectors

    Joel's Bite Detector for Catfishing

    Frosty's Hook Set System

    Rat's Bite Detector for Night Catfishing

    Verotik's Bite Detector for Catfishing

    Gadgets and Gear You Can Make at Home

    Tina's Gar Lures

    Homemade Electric Fish Scaler

    Building Crappie Condos

    Creating Fishing Structure

    Creating Structure For Fishing

    Homemade 30 foot Bait/Landing Net

    Cheap Accessory Savers

    Homemade Bobbers for Catfishing

    Homemade Bobbers

    Doc's Drift Buckets

    Catfishcentral's Fish Cradle

    Omni 2" Glow Light Stick Holder

    Tip: Cost effective Small Screen protector, GPS,Fishfinder,PDA

    Tip for saving snagged rigs

    Shane's Drop Net

    Bill's Drift Buckets

    Homemade Planer Board


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    Cut Bait

    Marina Bait for Catching Catfish

    Butterfly Shad Rig

    Cut Bait for Catfish

    Advance Cut Bait for Catfish

    Flylining Cut Bait For Catfish

    Frozen Bait for Blue Catfish

    Live Bait

    Bluegill For Catfish Bait

    Rigging Live Bait for Catfish

    Bullheads For Live Bait

    River Chubs And Creek Chubs For Catfish Bait

    Leopard Frogs For Catfish Bait

    Chubs For Catfish Bait


    Chum For Catfish

    Frosty's Chum Bait For Catfish

    Chumming For Catfish With Mackeral

    So You Want To Try Chumming For Catfish

    Bait tips

    Frozen Ice Bottle to keep Bait Fresh

    Hot Dip Bait Tip

    Extracting Fish Oils

    Making Plump Nightcrawlers For Catfishing

    Keeping Livers and Bait Cold

    How to Keep Livers on the Hook

    Carl's Process for making your own plastic bait worms for stink bait.

    Cured Baits

    Liver Curing Rack

    Dehydrated Livers for Catfishing

    Skipjacks Cured For Catfish Bait

    Garlic Cured Chicken Livers With Pics

    Catching Bait

    Catching Shad With a Dip Basket

    Saltines to Catch Chubs in a Trap

    Rock Bass and You

    Raising Your Own Bait

    Raising Worms for Catfishing

    Making Your Own Worm Bed

    Raising Your Own Worms For Fishing Bait

    Raising Worms For Catfish Bait

    Raising Your Own Meal Worms For Catfishing

    Raising Your Own Wax Worms

    Jim Ame's Worm Beds

    Kathryn's Worm Beds

    Cast Nets - Use and Repair

    How to throw a Castnet. Pics and Video

    Keith's Way to Throw a Castnet

    Castnet Braille Line Repair

    Castnet Improvements

    Throw A Castnet

    Getting a New Cast Net Ready for Use

    Throwing a Castnet

    Throwing a Castnet From The Bank

    Using a Castnet

    Bait Tanks, Livewells, Bait Buckets And Bait Traps


    Boogie's Catfish Keeper

    Mesh Bag Livewell

    Floating Livewell

    Cheap Portable Livewell

    Sleekcraft's Dock Livewell

    Riverking's Tournament Livewell

    How to bulid a custom shaped livewell

    Ross's Cheap and Easy Livewell

    Fish Crate From a Mile Crate

    Mandingo"s Livewell

    HillJack Culling System

    Bait Tanks For Use On A Boat

    Bait Tank Filter

    Rod's Bait Well

    Jim Leonard's Bait Well

    Bait Well From a Cooler

    Rubbermaid Bait Tank

    Igloo Bait Tank

    Tim's Boat Bait Tank

    Bait Tank for a Catfish Boat

    Catfishcentral's Bait Tank (Ver 2)

    Bait Basket

    Shad Tanks and Keeping Bait

    Catfish John's Live Bait Holder

    Jeff's Bait Tank

    Keep Alive Shad Tank Filter Conversion

    Martygreen's Bait Tank

    Ace's Home Made Bait Tank

    Bait Tank Ideas

    Bait Tanks For Home Bait Storage

    Michael Howard's Bait Tank

    Jason's Bait Tank

    BAM's Oxygen Infused Bait Tank Pump

    Maintaining a Bullhead Bait Tank

    Bathtub Bait Tank

    DKS72's Bait Tank Filter/Aeration System$80-176513.html

    Bait Boards

    Shad Cutting Table for a Catfishing Boat

    Bait Cutting Tray

    Catfish Fever's Bait Board

    Old Bill's Fish Cleaning Table

    Bait Buckets

    5 Gallon Bucket Modification

    Portable Tackle and Bait Tank Bucket

    Chris's Bait Bucket

    Catfishrollo's Homemade Bait Bucket

    Tbartek's Live Bluegill Bag

    Chum Tubes

    Catfish Chum Tube

    PVC Chum Tube

    Homemade Bait Traps

    Making A Custom Minnow Trap

    Rat's Crawdad Trap

    Michael Howard's Bream Trap

    A Bluegill Trap You can Build Yourself

    Live Well and Bait Traps

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    Fishing Advice

    Channel Catfish

    Fishing Causeways for Channel Catfish

    Winter Fishing For Channel Cats

    Flathead Catfish

    Reservoir Flatheads

    Flathead Hunting

    Fishing For Flatheads

    Advice For Catching Flatheads

    Flatheads and Light

    Flathead Bank Fishing Savvy

    5 Things a Beginner Flathead Fisherman Needs To Know.

    Blue Catfish

    Bluecats In The Winter

    Southern Recipe for Springtime Bluecats

    All Other Fish

    Carp Fishing - UK Style

    Catching Bullheads 101

    Fishing Strategy

    Fishing A Feeder Creek

    Fall feeding Frenzy

    Bird Watching!!

    Tight Line Or Slack Line For Catfish

    Tight Lines

    Finding Catfish

    Putting The Odds In Your Favor

    Night Fishing From The Bank

    Pond Fishing For Beginners

    Choosing The Right Bait For Where You Are Fishing

    Tips for those hot slow fishing months on the ohio river banks

    Fishing Locations

    Power Plant Cooling Lake For Catfish

    Location, Location, Location = Structure

    Fishing Locations

    Bank Fishing? Take a Look Around

    River Fishing

    Up-River Current Breaks

    Fishing River Banks

    Bank Fishing For Trophy Catfish

    Fishing Methods - Drifting, Slip Bobber, Lures, etc.

    Slowing The Drift When Catfishing a River

    Ice Fishing For Catfish

    Drift Fishing A Lake for Catfish

    Drift Fishing for Catfish in a Lake

    Fishing From A Dock For Catfish

    Dock Catfishing

    Balloon Lines For Catfish

    Drift Fishing A River

    Catfish Through The Ice

    Catfishing With A Bobber

    Slip Bobber Fishing

    Cuz's Creeping Rig

    Bwhupp's Drift Fishing Rig

    Misc Fishing Information and Advice

    Items to Remember to Bring Catfishing

    Things to take fishing that might save your life

    Lactic Acidosis

    Once in a Lifetime Fish---Are You Ready?

    Keeping That Fish Alive To Fight Another Day

    First Aid For A Pond

    Catfish Names and Descriptions

    Show Me Catfishing

    Factor In

    A Beginners Guide to Catfishing - Part 1

    Scouting for Catfish

    Keeping Fishing Journals

    The Balancing Act OF Selective Harvest

    I knew That!! Practical Member Tips to Help Improve Your Fishing Success/Save Money

    Fish Cleaning, Storing, etc.

    How to Dress Large Catfish

    Cleaning a Catfish With an Electric Knife

    Adam's Way To Clean Catfish

    Cleaning Bluegill

    Freezing Catfish

    Dano's Catfish Cleaning Station

    Lake and River Info and Advice

    How To Lock Through A Dam


    Thermal Stratification and lake turn over.

    Thermal Stratification


    Jugs, Trotlines, Limblines, etc.

    Catfishing Trotline Storage

    Dink's Trotline Storage

    Using a Jumpbox for a Catfish Trotline

    GentleBen's Flagging Jugs

    Trotline Storage for Catfishing

    Wally's Jug Fishing For Catfish

    Pop-Up Jug/Boblines for Catfishing

    Ryno's Noodle Jugs

    Trotlining Surprises

    Trotlining 101

    Noodle Jugs For Catfishing

    Mike's Limblines For Catfish

    Jumpbox By Jtrew

    Catfishing Jugs By Jtrew

    Big River Trotlines

    How to Make Trotline/Throwline Weights

    Trotline Weights Made Simple

    Albert's Trotline 101

    Pool Noodle Floats - Cheap

    Lighted Jugs

    Jugs From Buoy Markers

    Trotlining In The Heat Of Summer

    Weather and Fishing

    Barometric Pressure and Fishing


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    Other Useful Information

    Boating Information - Safety and Use

    Tying Your Catfish Boat off to a Tree

    Max Engine Size for My Boat

    Jumper Cables for the Boat

    Anchoring Your Boat

    Tools For The Boat

    Fire Extinguisher Saftey

    Anchoring 101

    Standard Marine Wire Code Table

    Auto-inflate PFD's and cold weather

    Coffee Grounds - Organics for your garden

    Camping Information

    Firestarters for Campfires

    Perks for Seniors and Disabled

    Campfire Building

    Building a Fire for Camping

    Building a Campfire the Right Way

    Another Campfire Starter

    Never Fail Campfire Starter


    Ed's Air Rifle Info

    Ed's Air Rifle Repair, Service and Warranty Info

    Proper Saluting Etiquette for funerals with Military Honors

    PeeWee's Tips and Tricks

    Keeping a Filet Knife in Good Shape

    "Luck" What Part Does It Play In Your Fishing


    BBQ 101

    Taking Pictures of Fish

    Catfish Environments

    Simple Commands to Help you Navigate Windows

    Simple Commands for Cut and Paste in BOC CHAT

    Sportsmen's Field Care Procedures

    Snapper: From field to table, illustrated

    CatfishHateMe's Survival Kit

    Things to Know About Hypothermia.

    Ohm's Law for Electrical Wiring Projects

    How and Why Boats & RV's Fiberglass Gelcoat Fades

    Why Do Vehicle Paints Fade and What Can I Do to Repair It?

    Why Paint Fades

    Placing and Removing an RV in Storage

    Homemade Smoker From A 55 Gallon Drum

    Hunting & Trapping Gadgets

    Jon Saxon's Home Made Digital Trail Camera

    Building A Folding Colony Trap

    No Spill Scent Container

    A Simple, But Cheap Dog Proof Coon Trap

    Trail camera 101