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    I'm looking into buying a lee production pot iv 20lb with the bottom pour spout, But have some questions. Does any one know if a no rolls sinker mold will fit in them and can they pour more than the 2 oz at a time? My biggest sinker so far is a 3oz.
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    this probably is not gonna help ya but...

    I've only been pouring lead a short time. I bought an electric ladle type of deal at Bass Pro for around $50. It holds 4 lbs of lead. I pour 2-5 ounce no-rolls (one mold), 2-5 ounce bank sinkers (one mold) and then pour the rest into either my jighead mold or bullet sinker mold. Then i put more lead in the ladle. I can get a lot of product done in about an hour....pouring only...i do the trimmin afterwards.

    I would imagine if your pouring the larger sinkers 8-10 ouncers like some of the guys here talk about, this smaller ladle would be a bit of a hassle. It works GREAT for what i use it for though.

    I generally get enough product done at one sitting so that i only need to pour lead about twice a year. I run out of jigheads faster then the bank or


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    Most molds are about 4 to 4 1/2 inches in height. The production pot is about 6". I have had no problem with pouring any of my molds from the production pot. At one point, I had over two dozen molds and they would all work with the production pot.
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    We used a 20 lb pot like the one you are referring to last year at Catstock and didn't have any problems with the no roll molds.. It holds enough lead that you can pour alot of sinkers at one sitting..