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    I am considering fishing the dam, I have been once before with boc member T Bull. Last time out i remember we had a fairly hard time catching some shad....the river was down like it is now. Anyone familiar with the area or fish it frequently? Where could i possibly get into some shad and bait? Also, I could make the run from new richmond to the dam, but I have a medium sized tank and dont like to push my luck....I was wondering if anyone had any info on the Moscow and/or the Neville Ramps? Are they good ramps? Any Drop offs? Do they have docks? And are the parking areas generally worry free for theft etc....i always lock up and dont leave valuables, but would rather a place that has less problems than more. Thanks for the info in advance.
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    first off, there is a ramp about a mile downriver from the dam and it is one of the nicer ramps around. has nice docs. if your headed up river to the dam there is a small creek on the left hand side (ohio side). It is called little bear creek. It is very skinny little creek prolly only about as wide as 2 boats but it is deeeeeep for a little creek. you can get way up in it even when it is down like it is. We have got shad there plenty of times but you know how shad are. They may be there today but gone tomorrow. There is also another very small creek across the river from that to but I have no clue what the name of it is. Its more like a ditch but we have gotten shad there also. It makes for a cheap trip besides the gas in the truck. Put in a mile and a half downstream for the dam, find bait and fish right there. I personally don't like fishing at the dam mainly cause We have a very hard time CONSISTANTLY catching fish there. Seems it is either on or off at that place. Not to mention where i want to fish in the boat you can't get to. They blow the horns at us every time.:embarassed:
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