Mega-millionaires or are we just lucky?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by AwShucks, Aug 26, 2006.

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    Went to the Oklahoma Wildlife Exposition this morning. Very, very interesting. Met Catman George, and man does he have an interesting job. The one exhibit which sticks in my mind was the primitive hunting area. And, I mean primitive. They had spear throwing (or for my redneck friends - spear chunking) using an atlatl. This device allowed a spear to be thrown futher and with just as much accuracy as any hand held spear. The meg-millionaire comes in because if this guy could have patented this device, he would own Bill Gates. When one stops and looks at all the adversities primitive man faced, it is a wonder that any of the species has evolved far enough to threaten to blow each other up with nuclear weapon. Christ, it is a wonder they lived long enough to invent the bow and arrow (another mega-millionaire if he could have patented this device also. We sure take a lot for granted in our everyday life. Sometimes it does us good to pause and reflect.
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    Very interesting! you make a good point! (excuse the pun) :big_smile:

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    It is amazing that we made it this far. Back then we were pray! We might not have got alot smart be we sure got alot better looking!