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    Using my personal exerience from the past several days, I want to try to convey to the members the importance of periodic medical screening. This is NOT a plea for sympathy or prayers.

    Neither Cory nor I remember exactly how we came to know that there would be an opportunity for medical screening here in Sand Springs. I do however believe it was by a mass mailing -- junk mail in other words. When I glanced at the brochure before relegating it to its proper place in the trash I noticed that they did a screening for Peripheral Arterial Disease (Ankle Arm Pressure Index). Since the standing joke around my house is that if we still drank we would not have to buy ice anymore, I could just put my feet in the cooler and the beer would stay at about 35 degrees. I thought that this screening might provide a clue as to why my feet stay so cold so I went on-line and signed up for the series of tests that checked blood flow.

    Wednesday morning I went to the designated location, paid my $109.00 and had the three tests. I was fully expecting that they would have some news that was less than good concerning the blood flow to my legs/feet. Instead they found I have an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm -- not good -- and that it would be in my best interest to visit my Dr. as quickly as possible for further evaluation. I visited my Dr. on Friday afternoon, he took a very quick look at the results of the screening and explained to me that there really was cause for a sense of urgency and made an appointment for me with a Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgeon on Wednesday. The earliest possible appointment because I have to get a couple more tests done between now and Wednesday AM.

    What I have tried to convey is that if/when you get that brochure from Life Line Screening or some similar company and you are approaching or over the age of 50 you should give it serious consideration before throwing it away. Even though your medical insurance may or may not cover the cost of this screening the actual cost is probably less than you would pay in co-pays if you had the tests done elsewhere.

    You can check to see if there will be a screening near you by going to

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    Good luck, Tom. All should get screened for any perticular medical issues that run in the family. My father died from cancer, he never went to the doctor at all.

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    As a cancer survivor and with a family history on both sides of cancer and heart disease I go every 3 months. Men get over that macho thing about doctors. The only thing that attitude buys you is a marker and a 6' deep chunk of realestate.