Me Alone, A Dark Lake, and a Snake in the Boat

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  1. WylieCat

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    So, there I was....:cool2:

    Dark night, fishing alone, my tournament partner Billfish76 was out of town.

    The bite was off. Really bad. I was fishing a channel catfish only tournament and ended up catching an 18 pound blue cat followed by a twelve pound blue, but the dang channel cats were not to be found. The blues were great fish, but could not be weighed in at this tournament.

    Add in the fact that the twelve pound blue swam through three other lines and endlessly tangled them, storms were everywhere; things were just not going well.

    As if a bad night could not get worse, did. :crazy:

    As I was pulling up my anchor around 10:00pm I noticed something move. Closer examination revelead the tail of a snake slithering off under the rear deck of my boat!!

    At first I just stood there and laughed. I had to! When things go bad they just seem to get worse and worse! My next thought was, PUT ON A LIFE JACKET!! Things can get worse, and with the luck I was having a life jacket might be needed!!!

    For the next 20 minutes I proded around, beat of the deck, shined lights, poked a fishing rod tip up under the deck all in a vain attempt to get that snake to move. Nothing. I could not see him, but I knew he was there...somewhere up under that deck.

    I plugged the two drain holes that led to "my area" of the boat with some rags, so this left one way out for him and I had a clear view of it. I am not terrified of snakes like some folks, but I don't like surprises from them either. If I can see them and know they are there we can share the same space all day!!

    Finally, I just decided, heck...I can't sit here all night, and there is a tournament to win, so I took off down the lake trying to look out ahead and also watch over my shoulder for the snake to come out.

    I guess the vibration and noise was too much and as I looked back I saw the head poking out next to the motor. I reached over and grabbed a rod and gave him a poke in the tail as it peered out the back of the boat and off he went into the water.

    Adventure. Thats the best way to sum it up. A night I will never forget and a story, while one many will not believe, that I can tell my grandkids. :big_smile:
  2. sarSWAMPFOX

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    Union, South Caroilna
    Now thats one to picture Dieter. You poking and swatting around. We have got to come up with a way to get constant video of these ADVENTURES. LOL

  3. billfish76

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    Rock Hill, SC
    I wish I was on a boat next to him and watched it all unfold. Im not affraid of snakes, but am glad I was out of town for that night........
  4. jsthumb

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    South Carolina
    LOL. :smile2:Thanks for the story Dieter. Now that would have been a winner for sure in Americas Funniest Video. I am not afraid of snakes either but to be in the boat with me at night would definently keep me on my toes.
    Just a thought you dropped it in the water when it might have been some good channel Bait.:big_smile:
  5. Mickey

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    Dieter I expect that you will be observing that spot in your boat for many more trips. Great story. Enjoyed.:smile2:
  6. Wudman

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    Back when I was a kid, I was with my Dad and sister fishing Buggs Island (Virginia) one day. One of my sister's friends was with us. The two girls were probably 13-14 years old at the time. I was a few years younger.

    We pulled up to a big willow tree. I climbed up on the front of the boat to tie up and heard a thud in the boat behind me. I looked around and a BIG black snake had fallen out of the tree into the middle of the boat (a 16' runabout) landing only inches from my sister's friend. Life was fairly exciting for a few minutes while Dad removed the snake from the boat. I don't think she ever went fishing with us again.

  7. Cat Lady

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    I will have to say that I am not afraid of snakes either but, had that been a creepy crawly spider I would have took the life jacket and gave him the boat. Great story!!!