Mayonnaise Fish

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    I like to share my recipies, the ones I enjoy. Here is an interesting twist to fixing Wiper, Hybrid and Stripper. I am sure it can be used on fish other than these, but I have only tried it on them.

    Scale both sides of the fish, and then fillet, leaving 2 big fillets.

    Coarse ground Black Pepper (no grinder, not a problem, put peppercorns in a plastic baggie and use hammer)
    Mayonnaise (enough to cover fillets, 1/4 inch deep)

    Wash fillets good, dry with paper towel. Squeeze lemon juice over fillet, lightly salt. Pepper to taste.

    Coat fillet with mayonnaise, (1/4 inch deep).

    Place fillet on greased cookie sheet, bake at 325. The fillet is done when the mayonnaise starts turning brown on top.