Maybe we shouldn't be fishing

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    It all started 3 weeks ago when my brother, Max, asked me to come up and try flathead fishing. I had never fished for flathead so I agreed. Looking back, maybe we should have read the cosmic signs and just stayed home.

    I spent a day charging batterys and getting lines ready. Then bought a tank of gas, hooked up the waterhose and started the 25HP Evenrude to make sure it was in top condition. With anticipation, I called Max and told him to buy bait for I was on the way.

    A 137 miles and a few hours later we launched into the St Francis river with high hopes. I touched the starter button and in less than an instant the motor roared to life and I twisted full throttle. Even with 2 men, 200 lbs of batteries, 20 gallons of bait water, 100+ lbs of line weights the boat lifted out of the water and away we flew..for about 20 yards.

    Waaaaaoooummpp, the motor dropped to idle and died. Hmmm...I squeezed the fuel bulb and touched the starter. Zoom, we were gone again...another 20 yards. After about an hour and 20 or 30 laps around the area, it was plain the motor was not getting gas.

    So I gave Max my truck keys and he went to get his 8 HP merc. While he was gone, I rammed the boat into the bank so I wouldn't drift and burned 1/4 tank of gas trying to get it going without success.

    My 25 was locked on so we had to hang the Merc off center and manuever the best we could. The little Merc grunted and complained but we finally got the lines set by about 10 pm. When it was all said and done, I figure the fish cost us about $20 a pound but we scheduled a rematch for Memorial weekend.

    Now Momma didn't raise no fool. I took the 25 to the mechanic and watched as he removed and boiled the carberator. After he was finished, we hung it in his tank and tried to blow all the water out. It ran great for about 20 seconds then died. Come to find out, there was trash in my fuel tank. We ran with his tank and all was well. So I bought a new fuel hose and put a filter next to the tank before the squeeze bulb. But, just to be safe, I hung my 15 HP on the boat next to the 25.

    When the weekend came, I called Max and told him to buy the bait, I was on my way. About and hour later I got a call on my cell phone. It was Max. "You will have to come get me, my car blew up, the radiator is busted." By the time we finally got together, half the bait was dead.

    Nothing could be done about the car right now so we kept going. He didn't like the idea of the 15 hanging on the back of the boat so we dropped it off at his house. We launched and I touched the starter button. The motor sprang to life and away we flew..for about 20 yards.

    My heart sank and his mouth dropped open. What the %$#^&&&%!!!!
    But this time I was ready. I yanked the motor cover off, pulled the primer hose and unscrewed the fuel nipple. With a cutting torch cleaning tool, I probed the highspeed jet. Once the motor was reassembled, we fished Saturday night without incident.

    Sunday morning, I called my oldest son and asked him to come up and fish Sunday night. It would be our first fishing trip in about 3 years.

    Max really didn't like having to pull the gear lever on the 25 so he wanted to use his twist shift 8 HP merc. So, we left my 25 at his house and went out with the 8 hanging on the boat. On the way to the river, I pulled into the new gas station and Max topped off the out board fuel tank.

    Just before I backed the boat into the water, Max yanked the pull cord to start the Merc. Notta, zip, zilch, it would not hit. After 15 minutes of frustration, we tied the boat back down and went back for my motor.

    With the 25, AND the 15 hanging on the boat we launched. Where we fished, we had to run down river. After we ran about a mile the 25 started acting up. It just ran funny and had no power and smoked so much we could hardly see the water. There was a strange smell from the fuel. Rotten gas!!!!

    Eventually, we switched over to the 15. It ran pretty good, for about 10 minutes. The 15 lugged down and died. The cloud of steam and the smell of hot paint told me the water pump was gone.

    3 Men, 200 lbs of batterys, 20 gallons of bait water, 100+ lbs of line weight in a 16 foot boat, a mile down stream in a 5 knot current and no signal on the cell phone. We got the paddles out and after spinning around in the current, we finally got to the bank and tied to a tree.

    We switched back to the 25 but it would not start. But after I drained the carberator and tipped the fuel tank on its side, it started. At a slow idle, we headed up river. The motor had no power. In a stroke of genius, I put my hand over the carberator intake. The engine came to life.

    Picture this. I am sitting backward in the boat, left thumb in the carberator while looking over my right shoulder driving the boat. I was able to run at half throttle and got back to the ramp.

    Bright and early the next morning I go to the new gas station to chew out the manager for his rotten gas that killed our motors. When I told him I was upset that his rotten gas killed our fishing trip, he stopped me. He said "you got the gas at the first pump on the right didn't you?"

    I told him yes and he said, "You are the second to do that, that is diesel fuel."
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    Now that sounds like some of my fishing trips, LOL!!! Don't worry it will get better someday!!!

  3. Fry Guy

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    Warrensburg Missouri
    Sounds like a sign from the fishing Gods:lol:
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    Cincinnati Ohio
    Sorry for your luck.My son did that a couple years ago on his way to Florida in his car.
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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    Way to keep at it,though!!A lesser man,like a bass fisherman,would have given up long ago!!
  6. Majesticman

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    Well the way I see it the odds are in your favor for a long time. :smile2:
  7. Mutt

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    Wrong!! I wouldnt of put diesel in my tank.
  8. Chief

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    dang i would quite fishing if things were like that...wait i have the same motor trouble and i even use gasoline!
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    Oakwood Georgia
    Way to keep at it,though!!A lesser man,like a bass fisherman,would have given up long ago!! Yeah they would have called the coast guard
  10. Larry

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    OUCH! Look on the bright side. It probably can't get any worse, you got it out of your system early.
  11. MRR

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    look At The Bright Side At Least You All Got Back Safely And You Didn't Even Sink The Boat. By The Way Did You Ever Catch Any Fish?
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    holy crap. It's like you've been following me around and taking notes of my misadventures. I can't tell you how many times my fishing trips have turned into nightmares like you just described. Whoever said that "a bad day fishing's better than a good day of work" has dadgum sure never had a real bad day of fishing before. Brother, I've had some BAD days on the water, but there's always the next time. Fishing is just like anything else, when it goes bad... it has the potential to go extremely bad. Sometimes lifethreatening bad. I'm glad you made it back with your boat and your gear. All I can say is go try again.

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    Metal Fisher, you aint alone man,. That sounds like some of my luck for sure. sorry of all the troubles, BUT did you catch any fish???? LOL Mac
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    During all the trouble, my son Kevin was tieing limb lines.

    We put out 16 lines before having to give up.

    With a fresh tank of gas, from another station, Max and I went back and pulled the lines.

    We caught 2 flats, 3 channel and 1 blue.

    The biggest flat was probably 10 -12 lbs. The biggest channel around 4 lbs.

    Let me see, $120 in gas, $40 in bait, still yet have to fix the 15 water pump and get the 25 looked at again.

    Shoot if wasn't for all the relaxation and free fish, I might just give up fishing.

  15. plainsman

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    sounds like a bummer, but ya made it, and discovered the problem. being excited about something has its drawbacks. i hate it when stuff like that happens
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    So this mechanic you took the motor to didnt notice you had diesel fuel in your tank? :confused2:
  17. ratkinson

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    I can't beat that story......puts some of my trips in perspective. Nothing really really good, or really really bad, lasts really really long.
  18. tncatfishing

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    That would explain all the smoke.:wink:
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    After you hit rock buttom there's only one direction you can go.:cool2:

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    I've wondered what would happen if diesel is put in a gas engine. Now I know.