Maybe I need a john boat?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by wishiwasfishin, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. wishiwasfishin

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    i been reading post about ever bodies boats and stuff and got to thinking..maybe i need one. so a little info here.

    what size is a good size?
    what kind and how big of motor should i get?
    how long will the run if they are electric?
    how much can you get a good one for?

    well to make it easy tell me about your boat.what you like and dislike.if you were doing it all over again what would you do different.i wish i could get a big boat but that would putt me border line divorce with the wife.....hmmm maybe i need a really big boat:rolleyes: but i figure i could proably pick a jon boat up cheap and have some fun in it.i do allot of river fishing and the current in not real strong but i want to plan for the worst..any info
  2. Lngbo

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    Marion Ark
    I was fishing panfish when I got my boat, so I have a crappie rig, I have been told that I can take it out onto the Mississippi, But, I think I will stick to lakes and small rivers with it. The only advisce I can gve yo is what I tell people getting computers. Get the best you can afford. Can always start out with a well made deep side Jon Boat and build fron there. There are alot of guys on this site that Know alot more about catfish boats that I do. You can also hook up with someone that already has a catfish boat and fish with them until you can afford the boat you want.

  3. Gator

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    Ludowici GA
    That is also the best advice any one can give you. I am not sure what kind of waters you fish but watch as see what everybody else is running there and go from there. I started with a small jon boat and in most of the rivers here that is all you need.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Buster makes some good points. There are a bunch of sizes and models when it comes to Jons. Obtaining one that is suitable for the waters ya are gonna fish is key. That and what ever your budget can handle will be easily spent. LOL!
  5. augila

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    Get the widest one you can afford. Stability on the water is very important when running lines or picking up jugs.
  6. duxsrus

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    SW Ohio
    Everybody needs a jon boat. :) Like the others have said, get the most boat you can get away with or can afford. It's easier to do it now rather than having to sell your current boat first and start shopping again.
  7. T-Bone

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    South of Dallas
    Here's my imput to your question. I've got a 15' deep sided and wide bottomed. It is very stable and large enough for three folks but with two onboard it's about just right. It will hold all our gear and we still have room. I've got a 15hp Evinrude on it that should be fine (been slowly workin' on it so I've yet to use it) but I think a 25 hp would be better. We used to fish in a 12' jon and if ya both shifted yer weight at the same time, ya would bout chunk the other one out. Don't even think about standing up in a 12' jon, it's way too scary. Now on the 15' jon, we can both stand in the front of it and fish if we wanted to. Ya can even take a p*** standin' off the back or front of it. The 12'er would have to be beached to do this.
    IMO, if ya want a jon get one now, cause the prices will sky rocket very soon. They hold their value well so ya can always move up, but ya will be more happy to buy ya a larger one and make mods to it to suit yer style of fishin'. They last forever and are eazy to take care of. If I ever get another one it will be an 18'er...... Ya know what they say ! If I only had a few more foot of room.
  8. maddcatter

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    Newark, Oh
    Anyone know the average price for a 15 footer?
  9. Desperado

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    Pataskala, Ohio
    I have a Lowe 1648 Jon boat, with a live well in the middle seat. What that means with the number is the boat is 16 ft. long and the 48" is how wide the bottom of the boat is. My boat is approx. 70" wide across the top. I have a Nissan 9.9 hp motor which will get you on just about every lake and river. But look for what you want and get the widest you can afford, as mentioned before. I know everyone wants a price what it will cost, but you have to look around and you will find that prices will change from place to place. Best thing I can tell you is get out and check places out. Like marina's prices, and work down from there. Check the for sales in newspapers, ebay...etc. But to get ideas about what you really want go fishing with guys that have jon boats. I got my best ideas about my boat by taking a day or two and fishing near a boating ramp and look at the boats and they come and go. Ask questions, that is how I found the deal I did on a boat. Also got a name of a guy I got my motor from. I hope this will help you out. Good luck to you.;)
  10. truck

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    williamsburg ohio
    Also while you are out driving around if ya see one in a backyard that looks unused,it don't hurt to stop and ask if they want to sell it;)
  11. Coloman

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    Soddy Daisy, Tn
    Get the biggest boat you can! They are never big enough!
  12. solomon

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    I just paid for a new 1648 Alweld flatbottom boat, 40hp Tohatsu tiller steer with electric start, power tilt/trim, and trailer. It was pricey. Before I bought it I looked at a Weld-Craft that I had looked at last summer. The price was about $1800 more for the package this spring if that tells you anything.
  13. jsharper

    jsharper New Member

    I bought a 1648 2000 model, 25 Johnson, and trailer off e-bay for $2650 if that helps. No problems.

  14. Dreadnaught

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    Always remember, what ever size boat you get will always be 2ft to short, LOL!!! I am not sure if you are wanting to fish a big river or a lake type setting but, I would recomend a johnboat be at least 16ft long and 4' wide for any river. That would be the smallest I would get.
  15. blackhorse83

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    I have a 16' Jon boat that is 7' wide, and the thing is very stable in the water. It has a 35 horse power motor, although I wish it was larger it does a very good job with 2 or 3 people in it. One thing that I would recomend would be if you could find one with at least .100 thickness and all welded, I think you would be much happier. Sooner or later those rivets will loosen up and then you have a leak. That dosen't happen with a welded boat. With that said I have talked to a number of guys that have put bed liner inside and on the bottom and " they " say the leaks are over & it make them a little more quite.