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    Warner Rob ga
    I have a 2003 pro crappie 17.5 long 53 beam ,it is rate for a 75hp , but have a chance to get a 115 hp cheap ,Is it to much weight for the boat ? and can you get a ticket for going over your max rating?
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    I wouldn't worry about a ticket as much as I would my boat. Weight is a factor, especially if you trailer it, as all that weight is oscillating up and down on the transom. Another thing you really need to think of is the force that extra horsepower puts on the boat. That extra shove may be enough to crack or even break that transom, it might even flex somewhere else on the boat and cause a problem in places other than the transom. If you can get the motor cheap and resell it for more money you may be ahead in the long run. Take into consideration a broken boat that needs repairs or replacement, you may be ahead in the long run if you just use the motor you got or buy one rated to go on that boat. The manufacturers put weight ratings on there for a reason IMHO.